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Guidelines for the checking of produce for insect Infestation
Check vegetables and fruits thoroughly for insects and bugs in accordance with the following guidelines:

Generally speaking Australian fruits and vegetables are free of infestation due to climatic conditions as well as stringent spraying programmes. However, infestation does occur from time to time and the following general guidelines have been developed to assist in determining the infestation of fruits and vegetables.

Please note that the consumption of insects involves a number of biblical prohibitions and in some ways is more severe than the eating of non-kosher meat. It is part of the responsibility of the mashgiach and and also the caterer to ensure that there is no insect infestation.

Vegetables arriving at a venue must be rechecked unless accompanied by a letter from the previous mashgiach stating that they were checked or sealed with signed and dated KA seals.

All Tinned vegetables and tomato products listed in the Kosher directory must be product of Australia.

Below are guidelines for the checking of various produce for insect Infestation. Please choose from the list of articles below to read more:

Chopped and Processed Vegetables
Garlic and Onion
Other Vegetables
Parsley and Dill
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