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The community will be aware that the KCI has released its report. The KA does not wish to comment on the report at this time as we are still in the process of evaluating its contents in detail.

However the KA would like to clarify an important matter raised in the report. The report suggests that there may be a conflict of interest on the part of Rabbi Gutnick, between the work he performs for The Kashrut Authority and that which he performs for Kashrus Australasia. The arrangements on this issue were properly examined halachically, legally and morally, and found to be faultless over 10 years ago. These arrangements have not changed since then. All of the above information was provided to the KCI during the inquiry process. Any indication by the report or new agencies that an actual conflict exists is factually incorrect. We call upon the KCI to immediately correct the record.

The KA will continue to evaluate the remainder of the report in a careful and considered manner. We hope to work with the community to continue to improve the quality and service of kashrut in NSW.

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