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Sanitarium Marmite Spread now kosher approved (Pareve) Print E-mail
The KA is delighted to advise that Marmite is back on the menu. Rabbi Gutnick has recently visited the newly re-commissioned
Sanitarium plant in Chirstchurch, New Zealand, on behalf of kosher consumers and came back with some very good news.

Marmite is Australia's original yeast spread and has a unique savoury taste - ideal on bread, toast or crackers. Often eaten with cheese, Marmite can
also be used as a cr...eative addition to soups, pastas and stir-fries! It is low-fat and an excellent source of folate, as well as being a good source of B Vitamins. All Marmite jars in all sizes across Australia are acceptable, no special kosher indicators on jars required. So if you are out shopping today and see a jar of Marmite, it's now kosher and is a new spread to sample and enjoy.

Please note: while Marmite is currently kosher approved, it is not Mehadrin - should this status change at any point in the future, the KA will advise immediately.
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