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With each and every edition of Kosher KApers, we have so much new and interesting kashrut information to share with you and in this, our 20th edition,

it’s no different! So let’s not waste a moment and begin the KA’s Kosher Schmooze for this week.

Kashrut Authority on Facebook

Now here’s a new initiative that’s designed to help kosher consumers around the nation. As you know, we really appreciate your questions and feedback and happily investigate products on your behalf to determine an item’s kashrut status, or really anything you would like to know that is kosher-related. Well, we have recently set up our very own Facebook page! Now you have another two-way communication medium via which you can post questions or queries day or night, and be assured we will respond directly. We look forward to connecting with you in Facebook Land very soon; find us by keying in ‘Kashrut Authority’, we are more than happy to be your Facebook Friend!

Kosher at Costco
So let’s take a leap from our KA Facebook Page in cyberspace to Sydney’s newest shopping mega-space – Costco (www.costco.com.au). Located at 17-21 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe, there is an incredible selection of merchandise on offer. For us, as always, it is all about the availability of kosher products. And in the spirit of conducting important KA kashrut research, once the obligatory membership was purchased, we ventured forth and began our discovery.

And here’s what we found: the establishment of Costco here in Sydney represents a huge milestone in the life of the kosher consumer in New South Wales. There is now more choice in the range of kosher products on offer than ever before. Costco’s ‘Kirkland Signature’ brand features new and impressive kosher items. As an aside, you should know that this is no regular ‘home brand’ as it guarantees to meet or exceed the quality standards of leading national brands.

Did somebody say salsa? Why yes, Kirkland’s organic salsa is now on the menu (ouv2[1].gif) (see image below). Perhaps pair this with a bag of Kirkland’s lightly salted crinkle cut hand-cooked crisps, with no artificial additives or hydrogenated fats, weighing in at a modest 907 grams smiley.jpg (kof-kv2[1].gif) (see image below). Or nosh on a handful of raisins covered in milk chocolate, (ouv2[1].gifD) likely not to run out anytime soon as it comes in a 1.53 kg container (see image below). Their cashew clusters with almonds and pumpkin seeds (ouv2[1].gif) are a roasted delicious treat to enjoy on its own or why not add a handful to your morning muesli? Additionally, enjoy Kirkland’s dried cherries - tart, plump Montmorency Cherries – a healthy snack to nosh or bake with – or both simultaneously smiley.jpg

Outside of Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, there is such diversity on offer. For example, feel like including something healthy, fun and a little different in your kids’ lunchboxes? Look no further than the abundance of wholesome packaged fruit products: try Disney’s Freeze-dried fruit crisps, available in apple or strawberry/banana flavours (ouv2[1].gif) (see image below), or enjoy Florida’s natural fruit nuggets in a box of 48 pouches with three flavours: orange, strawberry or blueberry (okv2[1].gif) (see image below). Why not offer guests to share from the 750 gram container of ‘two-bite’ Coconut Macaroons with chocolate flavoured drizzle ( cor.jpg Kosher Dairy). Or add a zing to your dinner with Yoshida’s Spicy Wing and Rib Sauce (kof-kv2[1].gif) (see image below). And all this without having even mentioned the frozen or refrigerated sections!

Please note, with all the excitement and buzz of a Costco shopping experience, be mindful of one thing: many of these imported products in Costco feature a variety of hechsherim. Many are approved kashrut agencies that the KA is proud to have a long-standing relationship with – others may not be recognised in the same light. So even though these hechsherim often feature prominently on packaging, do bring your hard copy of the 2011 KA Kosher Product Guide with you. In our subsection ‘Guidelines’ we list many approved agencies, but it is best to double-check. And as you have just read above, you can now do so via Facebook.

Serendipity Super Premium Ice Cream
It’s delicious, it’s of the highest quality, it’s available Australia-wide and it’s now kosher! Yes, this dear kosher consumers, gives us yet another reason to smile this week – okay, perhaps lick our lips and clap our hands with glee is closer to the mark! Serendipity, the artisan manufacturer and wholesaler, and winner of four championship trophies from four competitions this year alone, now have both an impressive selection of ice cream (not chalav Yisrael) and sorbet flavours under the KA’s kosher certification.

“Our kosher ice cream flavours are gluten free and our sorbets are free from gluten, soy, dairy, egg, nuts, and fat and have been certified pareve. Throughout the process of achieving kosher certification, I have found Rabbi Groner to be helpful - he clearly explained the kosher requirements and we are thrilled to have this new working relationship with the KA,” said Sarah Mandelson, CEO.

“It is important to note that these pareve Serendipity sorbets are unique in that they are made on designated dairy-free equipment,” added Rabbi Groner. Sarah continued by mentioning “in fact, our sorbets are tested regularly to ensure no traces of allergens are found”.

In retail sizes, the following Serendipity ice cream flavours have been certified only when bearing our Diamond KA logo (ka logoth.jpg): Belgian White Chocolate; Death by Chocolate; Hazelnut Praline; Mint Chip Swirl; Strawberry Jam, and Vanilla Bean. Refreshing kosher sorbet flavours include: Blood Orange; Dark Chocolate; Green Apple; Lemon; Mandarin; Mango; Passionfruit; Raspberry, and Wild Berry.

What’s so novel for kosher consumers is that you can now choose your favourite flavour from the above range and Serendipity can magically turn your selection into a wonderful ice cream cake. Think birthday, think anniversary, think celebration, think Serendipity hand-decorated ice cream cakes – now kosher!

More flavours are available in catering sizes, such as Cointreau or Boysenberry ice cream or try the Cherry or Rhubarb sorbet and many more. These catering sizes may be purchased direct from the factory shop 333-339 Enmore Road, Marrickville. For more product and stockist information, visit www.serendipityicecream.com.au.

Mrs. Ball’s Chutney
We are always pleased to field your questions, and recently you asked us to check the status of undoubtedly South Africa’s most famous chutney, Mrs. Ball’s Chutney (distributed by Unilever). Again, we have good news for you. Mrs. Balls’ zesty range includes Original; Peach; Tomato; Chilli; Extra Hot; Hot; Lite Hot & Spicy, and Lite Mild & Fruity Chutney. This entire assortment is all available kosher in glass jars as long as the ‘Best Before Date’ is marked from February 2013 and later. With a change-over in packaging, you will soon find the South African Beth Din’s hechsher

(southafricabd.jpg) helpfully printed on each bottle. Please note that this is applicable to bottles manufactured in South Africa only with the above date printed. Mrs. Ball’s Chutney is available at Franklins, Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and at purveyors of South African foods (remember: check that date!)

This week’s edition of the Australian Jewish News features their annual Kosher Living Supplement. The KA is delighted to have contributed two articles, the first examining mevushal wine and the second delving into the world of ‘kashrut and the corporate traveller’. Please read and enjoy!


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