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Kosher KApers #8

Friday March 4, 2011

Welcome! Thank you for communicating with us and voicing your kashrut questions. Toda raba for letting us know how much you are enjoying Kosher KApers – it really is our pleasure to beam out to you each fortnight.
This is a newsletter that truly aims to explain the reasons behind kashrut product decisions and to showcase our varied and valued licensed providers. This week, we wave our kosher wand and begin with Pita Mix.

There is no doubt that Pita Mix, located at 502 Old South Head Road in Rose Bay, can provide you with (as their tagline states) “all your Israeli cuisine”. Run by the dedicated and hardworking Barhom family, Pita Mix has been faithfully serving the Sydney community for more than seven years. Recognising the need to cater to kosher families and offer a sit-down dining experience in a modern and open environment, the Pita Mix team have truly succeeded in creating all this and more. You decide between in-door and out-door seating, the former with new high-powered air conditioning and widescreen television display, the latter in a lovely open courtyard.

With no preservatives or MSG and always providing home-style quality, fresh fare, the Barhom family are more than flexible, as Iris Barhom says, “you request – we do! First and foremost, we want our customers to be happy and we are open to listening and providing for them each and every day. And behind the scenes, we have a very comfortable relationship with our Mashgiach, Yosi Barukh, our friendly waiters and also with the Kashrut Authority.”

This positive can-do approach is infused in the establishment – and the Israeli cuisine they produce is authentic and delicious – the ‘Jerusalem mix’ is sensational: featuring a combination of lamb, chicken and beef grilled with onions and middle eastern spices, or try the fillet steak, lamb shwarma or beef or lamb ribs – a delectable fleishig meal is a guarantee. Feel like a vegetarian option? How about sampling the sushi, falafel or Shakshuka, an Israeli-style egg dish served on a small pan with an Israeli salad and hot pita? Speaking of the pita … just walk past the restaurant any morning and the irresistible smell is absolutely magnetic! In fact, click on the website (www.pitamix.com/) and you will see that every time you buy ten pita pockets, shwarma or falafel, you get the 11th for free!

And what, pray tell, might you wash this down with? When choosing from the selection of cold beverages, how about ordering an Israeli malt beer or perhaps select from the Snapple iced tea range
( OK certified).

Pita Mix offer an extensive menu, one tailored specifically for the restaurant and another designed for take-away options. Did you know that the Pita Mix website features a wide-ranging catering menu, including home delivery options? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, sheva brachot, Shabbat entertaining or simply feel like popping in for a quick pita pocket with your choice of tasty meat and selection of Israeli salads, Pita Mix can cater for you!

And now – let’s talk kosher products. This week, you have asked us about Twinings Tea. Let us explain: Twinings Tea is manufactured in plants in either London or China. After thorough investigation, with the London Beth Din, the KA approves all herbal and flavoured Twinings teas with one exception: Winter Spice Infusion. This particular blend contains non-kosher flavourings, and in agreement with the London Beth Din, we advise that this isn’t acceptable. As for Twinings selection of plain teas, all are kosher including Earl Grey, which contains bergamot orange (a citrus fruit used in its blend). So if you pick up a box of Twinings tea here in Australia, and it says “packed for an Australian company and distributed in Australia” – we assure you that it is kosher.

Many of you living north of our iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge will know that Franklins, located within the St. Ives Shopping Village, offers a variety of kosher breads from its internal Glicks section. So fresh challot, bread and even hot cakes are all on offer each and every week! Save some room in your Franklins trolley, ’cause you can also purchase fresh raw meat and poultry and freshly roasted kosher chicken on Fridays. (Make sure your chicken bears the KA hechsher ). Need a quick-fix Shabbat solution on the north? Head over to Franklins….

You asked us a question all the way from WA. You wanted to know if kosher products featured in Coles or Woolworths supermarkets, were available just in New South Wales, or nationwide? Well, its good news dear Aussie kosher consumers. Here’s the rule of thumb: if we mention a kosher product from Coles or Woolworths, it should be available nationally unless stated otherwise. Products listed bearing a particular code or supplier number, are kosher if stamped with that code. Please note that home brands are not necessarily interchangeable. That is, products listed in our Kosher Directory under one of the brands below are brand name specific: Coles, Coles Organic, Coles Smart Buy, You’ll Love Coles, Woolworths, Woolworths Select and Woolworths Homebrand. Having clarified that, whether you are west coast or east coast, you can get kosher shopping!

On the other hand, 7Eleven stores are based solely on our east coast and you should note that chalav Yisrael Munch flavoured milk, Chocky Milk and Totally Iced Coffee, and Munch orange juice, are available in 7Eleven stores across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT (only when bearing the Adass Yisrael logo ).

Kosher consumers – if you haven’t yet heard of Delicious Treats… seeing and tasting is believing! The incredibly talented Ella Danilova specialises in decorating kosher cakes, whatever your occasion. Don’t be fooled – what we are talking about here are edible masterpieces – works of art that leave your eyes dazzled and your taste buds jumping for joy (see images below).

Ella’s decorative journey began when she graduated from the world renowned “Le Cordon Bleu” college as a Patisserie Chef. Ella really believes in evolving her skills and talents and continues to attend advanced cake decorating classes. The bottom line is this: if you have a cake vision that seems impossible or improbable – Ella can turn your fantasy into a distinct reality!

How lucky we are to have this extraordinary kosher option in our community. Ella, (operating out of Our Big Kitchen on Flood Street) tells the story: “just over two years ago, I approached Rabbi Ulman, a rabbinical member of the KA Board, asking for guidance on steps to make my new business kosher. He directed me to Rabbi Groner at the Kashrut Authority and from there it truly was an easy process.”

Delicious Treats specialise in cakes for: weddings; b’nei mitzvot; engagements; kids’ parties; birthdays; corporate functions … really, any special occasion – and don’t forget the couture cupcake options. If ever there was a business that truly reflected its moniker it is this. These cakes are delicious. These cakes are visual and sensory treats. Delicious Treats. Enough said! (Contact Ella on 0422 442 828 or visit www.delicioustreats.com.au).

The KA Team
Keeping kosher made easy

Cakes by Delicious Treats
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