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Welcome to another jam-packed edition of Kosher KApers. Spring in Sydney is always divine and we want to shine the proverbial light on the latest kosher news around town. When we know, you know – so let’s begin!

KA iKosher
Each and every day we strive to make the process of keeping kosher easier for you - in this spirit, you requested that we develop a kosher-dedicated mobile application … and we have delivered! Launched earlier this month, KA iKosher is our cutting-edge iPhone App revolutionising access to Kashrut information in real-time. Featuring a kosher product and services directory with an easy-to-navigate Dashboard, you now have in the palm of your hand the opportunity to search for products; kosher establishments; halachic policies and it is even a convenient way of contacting us!

KA President, Baron Revelman adds, “We have appreciated the positive response from the community thus far and are so pleased to open this new technological channel connecting kosher consumers with a world of kashrut knowledge – neatly packaged in this handy format. We understand that often in supermarkets consumers find themselves with no, or almost no, Internet connectivity. An added advantage of KA iKosher is that this is simply not a concern.”

KA iKosher is compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and costs $9.49 annually. To download, select “KA iKosher” from the iTunes App Store, within the Lifestyle category.

Four Leaf Milling Pty Ltd
We are so excited to announce this week that every single product within the Four Leaf Milling range is now KA-certified - this is big news for Australia’s health conscious kosher consumers! Four Leaf Milling was founded in 1968 and is passionately run by the Dunn family. Situated in the picturesque hills of the Tarlee district of South Australia, grains from Four Leaf bio-dynamic farms (all certified organic) are grown, stored and milled without the use of any chemicals.

Four Leaf Milling’s extensive and impressive range includes: muesli; popping corn; rolled oats; cracked wheat; polenta; spelt; millet meal; linseed flakes … just to name a few. It also features many varieties of flour such as wholemeal spelt flour; oat; 100% wholewheat; barley; buckwheat; Egyptian gold and chick pea flour. Four Leaf also proudly produce a baby range featuring organic baby cereal; porridge; oats with barley and baby millet.

Director, Rosemary Dunn, adds “Here at Four Leaf, in reference to our kosher journey, we were delighted to work with Rabbi Aaron Groner. Liaising with him was a pleasure and we found him to be both practical and intelligent. We are thrilled that kosher consumers around Australia now have the opportunity to incorporate Four Leaf Milling products into their everyday life. We are delighted to be kosher certified by the Kashrut Authority.”

Wherever you are across the nation, the best way to find the closest supplier of Four Leaf Milling products is to visit the website www.fourleafmilling.com.au and click into the subsection ‘Where to Buy’. Rosemary assures us that if shops do not carry the specific products you wish to purchase, their distributors can order on your behalf. To view the entire selection, simply click into ‘Products’. Enjoy this wholesome new kosher range!

New Kosher Bakery – St. Ives IGA
News from the North: The KA warmly welcomes the bakery within Romeo’s Supa IGA, St. Ives, into our KA family! This fabulous new KA certified enterprise offers an amazing choice of baked and freshly-made treats for the Jewish and wider community (Pat Yisrael). Think four types of challah baked on-site: raisin, sweet, plain and rye. Think bagels, donuts, danish and croissants baked daily; think four varieties of muffins: raspberry; blueberry; apple and chocolate chip. Think delicious!

Owner Joseph Romeo adds, “This is a family-owned business and we embarked on this kosher bakery journey after listening carefully to the needs of the local community.” Bakery manager, Yosi Barukh, is thrilled with the communal response, “We have received such positive feedback – from young students who love their freshly baked kosher mini bagels en route to school to our appreciative patrons at lunchtime enjoying sandwiches and salads (chicken and Greek). We want the community to know that we are willing and flexible to cater to the unique needs of each customer. We offer in-house catering with pick-up and delivery options and also sell frozen puff pastry and frozen pizza bases. In keeping with the ethical principle of not wasting food (Ba’al Tashchit), any surplus baked goods at the end of each day are delivered to local charities here in the upper North Shore.

The newly KA-certified bakery is located at Shop 140, St. Ives Village Shopping Centre, 166-170 Mona Vale Road, St. Ives. Opening times include: Monday to Wednesday 8am to 6pm; Thursday 8am to 8pm; Friday 8am to 3pm and Sunday 8am to 5pm.

Flamous Falafel Chips
Billed as the world’s first and only Falafel Chips, these new organic tasty snacks come in two flavours - Original and Spicy (see image below). With a Kof-K hechsher

(kof-kv2[1].gif), these pareve gluten-free gourmet chips contain over 20 organic vegetables, herbs and spices including ground corn and of course, the central ingredient to falafel: chick peas! Flamous Falafel Chips are ideally paired with hummus dip (many kosher authentic versions are sold around town) - also delicious with salsa, guacamole or any dip of your choice.

Flamous Falafel Chips are available at Grandma Moses, Krinskys and many health food stores including Wholefoods House (109 Queen Street, Woollahra).

Glick’s on Hall – Now Open Saturday Nights
If you feel like a freshly baked treat this motzeii Shabbat, then head on over to Glicks on Hall (99 Hall Street, Bondi). As of this weekend, Saturday nights are coming alive at Glicks with a special evening menu including hot bagels straight out of the oven; pizza; salads; nachos and cheese; strawberries dipped in melted chocolate; Di Gabriel coffee and more! Glicks on Hall will be open from half an hour after Shabbat ’til late.

Weis Bars
And finally we wanted to share three new flavours of Weis Bars and Gelato 1ltr tubs (certified by the KA [ka logoth.jpg], Dairy, see image below). These include: Caffe Latte; Hazelnut and Chocolate; Chocolate and Coconut Rough. There’s certainly one for everyone – of course there are many pareve varieties as well in bars and tubs, available at all major supermarkets.


Thanks so much for supporting our new App, KA iKosher, and for letting us know how much you are enjoying the MimicCreme range of dairy, soy and gluten-free nut cream pareve products (as profiled in our last edition of Kosher KApers). We are conducting many investigations concurrently and can’t wait to beam out more products for your kosher pantry.

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