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Welcome to our health edition of Kosher KApers – where every kosher product profiled feeds your mind, body and soul!

Queen B Beeswax Candles
Before we blink, Chanukah, our divine Festival of Lights, will be here and this year we are featuring the most exquisite candles made of beeswax – a natural, non-toxic, aromatic and naturopathic product. Queen B owner Cate Burton explains, “For the first time, we are thrilled to offer the Jewish community our Chanukah candles. They contain no paraffin, soy wax, palm wax or other environmentally damaging additives. Our candles are not artificially scented, yet emit a light honey aroma when burning. So as your family gathers around to light the symbolic Chanukiah, know that our beeswax candles are natural ionisers and will purify the air of toxins for your family and friends.”

Queen B candles are unique in every way and Cate is passionate about supporting Australian-made products. Every detail has been thought through, from the printing on packaging, which is carried out here in Australia by a family-owned certified environmental printer, to the all-natural packaging of the candles in sinmay bags (a biodegradable banana fibre).

The Kashrut Authority is delighted to offer our KA certification to Queen B. Rabbi Gutnick advises, “Kosher consumers should note that halachically, next to olive oil, beeswax is the premium fuel for mitzvot and is considered superior to all other waxes. Indeed, some people have the custom to especially seek out beeswax candles for the shamash even when using oil on Chanukah.”

These pure candles are 100% beeswax with no additives - they are absolutely authentic. Queen B offers a wide range, in addition to Chanukah candles, including Shabbat options and more! Queen B Chanukah candles are available in a set of 45 candles in two sizes: 11cm and 24cm. For more information, visit www.queenb.com.au - these Chanukah candles can be ordered on-line or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Understanding the symbolism of the Hebrew word, Chai, or Life, to the Jewish community, Queen B are delighted to offer kosher consumers an opportunity to purchase sets of Chanukah candles with a generous 18% discount, ending tomorrow evening at midnight (November 27th).

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time for us to profile Steaz, a new range of flavourful natural, organic and fair-trade tea-based beverages (all with OU certification ouv2[1].gif). The Steaz range comes in three distinct lines: Energy; Iced Teaz and Sparkling Green Tea. David Isaac, Director of DJ&A Products, adds, “Steaz is something different, not just for the Jewish community, but for all Australians. This is a healthy, great-tasting range of drinks that you can feel good about. I’m particularly excited to offer the Steaz Organic Energy Drinks – now you can have a pick-me-up without worrying about drinking the bad stuff!”

The refreshing Steaz Ice Teaz range is available in four flavours: lemon; mint; peach and the rejuvenating combination of blueberry, pomegranate and acai. Steaz Sparkling Green Tea comes in three varieties: raspberry; orange and root beer and there are two Energy flavours: berry and orange. Steaz is available at the following kosher stores and eateries: Grandma Moses; Pita Mix; Patisserie Le Marais and Glicks. Customers can also call 02 8399 0440 to order products and home deliveries are available in the Sydney Metro area. Alternately, kosher customers are welcome to visit the warehouse (Warehouse G8, 35-39 Bourke Road, Alexandria) and David advises that kosher consumers will be offered a 5% discount for cash and carry.

Beloka Water
In the spirit of bringing you all-things-pure, we are delighted to welcome Beloka Water into our KA family of companies (www.belokawater.com.au). This is a local, premium Australian alternative to imported mineral waters and it is exceptional!

Owner Joe Commisso explains, “In 2007, a rare pristine, mineral rich subterranean aquifer was discovered in Beloka, which is situated on the eastern border of the unspoilt Kosciuszko National Park. Bottled at the source in a state-of-the-art facility, our product is profoundly different to many bottled waters which are often chemically treated. Beloka Water contains four natural minerals: magnesium; calcium; sodium and potassium and is beneficial to the human muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.”

Joe reflects on Beloka Water’s kosher journey, “Working with Rabbi Groner was a meaningful experience, we learnt so much about what it means for a product to be kosher and we think we taught Rabbi Groner a thing or two about our wonderful water! We are very proud that our pristine product has been awarded KA certification for Passover and we are thrilled with that level of certification! Our next print run of Beloka Water labels will include the Diamond-KA Passover logo ka logoth.jpgp.”

Beloka Water is available in two varieties: Lightly Sparkling and Naturally Still and both are offered in three sizes: 200ml; 500ml and 750ml. Kosher consumers can purchase Beloka Water at Katzy’s Food Factory and various IGA stores around town including Romeo’s Supa IGA, St. Ives (also featuring the fabulous kosher bakery we profiled in our last edition); IGA West Pymble; IGA Oxford Street, Paddington or at the Beloka Water on-line store, found at their website.

You have asked us for delicious and nutritious vegan soy meat alternatives and we are thrilled to introduce a new range that ticks all the proverbial boxes. Yes, Tofurky is here (www.tofurky.com, see images below)! Featuring deli slices; sausages; hot dogs; tempeh; ground beef and chorizo, Tofurky offers superior texture and flavour profiles and is certified by Kosher Supervision of America, (ksa.gif).

Tofurky is imported exclusively by Allamanda Foods and owner Amanda Salles adds, “It is exciting to be able to offer this range not only to vegans and vegetarians, but also the wider Australian Jewish community. We love that this selection will be added to your Kosher Product Directory, expanding the ‘pareve palate’ (so to speak)! This entire range is appetising … I just love the Italian sausages and the chorizo and ground beef are perfect for tacos and lasagne!”

Tofurky is America’s number one selling brand of meatless deli slices. When it comes to flavour - authenticity is paramount. Did you know that the Hickory Smoked Deli Slices are produced in an actual smokehouse over hickory chips? Other flavours include: Peppered; Italian; Roast Beef; Pepperoni and Bologna (perhaps this product might be a great lunchbox solution for kids: tasty; healthy and filling!) And as for the Hot Dogs, as with all Tofurky products, they are made from organic soy protein and contain no GMO ingredients (that is, non-genetically modified). With a firm meaty texture and rich poultry-style taste, it’s no wonder Tofurky is so popular. The kosher Tempeh also comes in four flavours: Coconut Curry; Sesame Garlic; Lemon Pepper & Smokey Maple Bacon (no, we are not kidding!).

Tofurky is currently available at The Cruelty Free Shop (83 Glebe Point Road, Glebe) and is also available on-line at: www.crueltyfreeshop.com.au; www.greenedgeonline.com.au and www.veganonline.com.au. Please note: every product imported into Australia from the Tofurky range is kosher certified by KSA (see KSA stamp on packaging). If travelling within America, there are a handful of Tofurky products that are not kosher. Please double check each product for the KSA hechsher.


We have been thrilled to bring you the natural products above. Please note, many will become more widely available in the near future, as soon as we have information about retail outlets stocking these great ranges, we will let you know. In the meanwhile, why not set the ambience by lighting Queen B beeswax candles, pouring a glass of kosher certified Beloka Water or one of the Steaz beverages and sampling the new organic Tofurky range. All kosher, all healthy and all of the highest standard!

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