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Well Purim was such fun and we just loved sampling the delicious hamentashen from so many talented bakers around town – both professional and amateur.

We thank you for your positive feedback regarding our recent Purim edition of Kosher KApers set in Ancient Persia. We are now very much back in the here and now and have some wonderful kosher news to share with you this week.

Dullo Fine Chocolates
First question: Are you planning a simcha this year? Second question: What’s a simcha without delicious kosher chocolate? Dullo Fine Chocolates have the most fantastic range of kosher chocolate options for you (all KA certified – some Pareve [ka logoth.jpg logo], others Dairy not Chalav Yisrael [ka logoth.jpgD logo]). Owner Martin Nadas is passionate about his craft, “We supply hand-made premium quality chocolates for all occasions and specialise in designing and producing unique chocolate boxes, gift bags and bulk options to suit your needs. Our range includes: Mint Thins; Hazelnut Kisses; Ginger Glacé; Dark Coffee Beans; Figaro Praline; Almond Clusters, Marzipan Squares and so many more.”

Martin adds, “We have now been kosher certified for over four years and we are proud of our wonderful relationship with Rabbi Groner at the KA - if we need advice or guidance, he is accessible and approachable. I encourage kosher consumers to visit our factory shop directly to sample our affordable and fresh quality chocolates (see images below). We are located at 82-84 Portman Street, Zetland, and open Tuesday to Friday 7am to 3.30pm.” For more information, call Martin on 0418 658 601 or visit the Dullo website, www.dullo.com.au, to see the incredible award-winning range.

Jel-it-in - Queen Vegetarian Gelling Powder
Kosher bakers around town have asked us about the possibility of adding vegetarian gelatine to our Kosher Product Directory - traditionally, gelatine is derived from animal-based ingredients and has not been accessible to the kosher consumer. We are delighted to inform you that in addition to our already extensive listing of products from Queen Fine Foods, including baking ingredients, essences, food colourings and more, comes this new clear and unflavoured vegetarian gelling powder called Jel-it-in (see image below). This is plant-based and completely animal-free and a wonderful alternative for kosher consumers; vegetarians and vegans (and if you are a vegan kosher consumer even better!) This may be used in sweet and savoury recipes including jelly; terrines, pies and panna cotta. It is fast acting and recipes will set quickly at room temperature and will hold their shape out of the fridge. Jel-it-in is available at Woolworths/Safeway stores in New South Wales; Victoria; Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. For a complete listing of stockists, please click here. You can find this product within our Kosher Product Directory within the subsection ‘Gelatine: Approved Imitation Gelatine’.

Spice and All Things Nice - Poppadums
We are so excited to let you know that Sydney now boasts kosher Poppadums for the first time! Yes, these delicious crunchy Indian snacks are not only low in fat but are also gluten-free. Spice and All Things Nice Poppadums are kosher certified (Mehadrin & Pareve) by the South African Beth Din southafricabdth.jpg and come in four flavours originating from different regions. You can enjoy Plain Poppadums with a distinct Indian taste; Jeera Poppadums stem from the base of the Himalayan Mountains with a beautifully subtle spice mix and both Black Pepper and Chilli Poppadums are derived from Cape Malay.

Poppadums are typically served as accompaniments to Indian meals (such as curries); they may be eaten as appetisers or on their own as a snack (see image below). If you are health conscious and prefer not to fry, these Poppadums can be cooked in the microwave in just a few seconds, so there’s no need for any oil! Spice and All Things Nice Poppadums are all hand-made and natural with no added preservatives, colours or flavours and contain only the finest quality spices. With a focus on health, convenience and vegetarian-friendly products, Spice and All Things Nice Poppadums are available at Thomas Dux stores and About Life stores (31-37 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction and 605 Darling Street, Rozelle).

Pita Mix – Laffa
Let’s shout it from the proverbial rooftops, ‘We Love Laffa!’ Many kosher consumers who live in Sydney and who have had the privilege to visit Eretz Yisrael have come back pining for Laffa, a popular chewy Israeli flat-bread wrap that can artfully contain meat or vegetarian fillings (or both!). Pita Mix, located at 502 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay, already offers the community a delectable selection of Israeli dishes and Laffa is the newest ‘munch on the menu’, so to speak. Co-owner Iris Barhom is excited, “Our love of Laffa has been lifelong. We grew up in Israel and this was a sumptuous staple. We’ve had such positive feedback thus far and know our customers enjoy every bite of these Israeli-style wraps – they are hand-made daily and are truly made with Israeli love! ”

Zola’s Açai Juice
We may be happily sitting here in the Southern Hemisphere … let us now take you to South America … are you ready for the best Brazilian Superfruit experience? Açai Juice (pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’) is organic and now available kosher certified (ouv2[1].gif, see image below). Allow us to explain, Açai grows on top of the Açai palm trees in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It contains 500% more antioxidants than blueberries and 60% more than pomegranates and these fight free-radicals, disease and aging. It has been described as tasting like the luscious flavour of wild berries with a kiss of chocolate! Zola’s Açai Juice is packed with nutrients, has a refreshing taste and is a lovely bright colour. Distributor David Isaac, Director of DJ&A Products, adds, “We are so thrilled to bring this to kosher consumers and the response to date has been overwhelming, customers just love it!”

Zola’s Açai Juice is available in three flavours: Original Juice; Açai with Blueberry and Açai with Pomegranate. These are available around town at many stockists including: Patisserie Le Marais; Bondi Road Fruitologist; Grandma Moses; Katzy’s; many IGA stores; Parisi’s of Rose Bay; Patrick’s On Bellevue and Royal Randwick Fruit Market.


This has really been a global edition of Kosher KApers, with kosher products available at your convenience from Israel to India to Brazil. We love continuing our kosher conversation with you – our next edition will be highlighting … drum roll please … Pesach!

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