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Kosher KApers #7

Friday February 18 2011

This week, the KA Team is so excited to profile our licensed providers and to share more up-to-date kashrut information with you. Let’s get to it!

Katzy’s Food Factory, located on Hall Street in Bondi, is a vibrant entity that proudly caters to the community in three ways: the Katzy’s crew offers café menu choices; provides a great range of frozen and packaged foods, and features impressive entertaining/corporate catering options. Established now for ten years with owner, Martin Katz, at the helm, Katzy’s is famous for a reason! The café offers fleishig and pareve dine-in and take-away options – and the menu is diverse and mouth-watering. Whoever you are, and whatever your taste, Katzy’s has tantalising meal choices for you – the burgers… wow! Martin wants Katzy’s customers to know that they "strive daily to provide meals that are as good, if not better, than non-kosher options. We set our meals at fair and equitable prices, despite incurring higher costs. We are really proud of what we offer Sydney’s Jewish community."

The Katzy’s grill works overtime producing kosher meat, chicken and fish meals. They also provide soups, salads, hot meals, desserts and so much more. In fact, don’t just listen to us, check out their fabulous website (www.katzys.com.au), decide on your order and head on down.Smiley

Feel like stocking your freezer with tasty frozen options? Katzy’s diverse range is just delectable – pies, soups, curries, lasagnas … not to mention packaged deli items and desserts. Convenient and yummy kosher options await, look out for the distinctive, professional red packaging in the frozen food aisles of Franklins and Coles supermarkets, Starks, Grandma Moses, and selected stores in Melbourne, such as Rishon Foods in Balaclava. Katzy’s also offers a wide range of entertaining options and ‘Knock & Drop’ catering … whatever your function - from Shabbat dinners to large corporate gatherings – Katzy’s can cater.

Martin describes his relationship with the KA with one word: "Fluid. Rabbi Gutnick and Rabbi Groner have been so helpful over the years. When they sent Nethaniel (Bibek) Phaltual to us as our full-time mashgiach, I was over the moon. He has an incredible work ethic; he is precise and impeccable in every way. Katzy’s simply has the best mashgiach in the world!" Don’t blush now, Nethaniel! Keep up the great work

Jumping across the kashrut divide from Katzy’s fleishig feast to arguably Australia’s most quintessential milchig household staple: vanilla ice cream. Yes, this week, members and staff at Choice Magazine have been busy taste-testing 32 supermarket vanilla ice creams – a pretty good gig considering the recent sweltering temperatures faced here on the east coast of our Great Southern Land. We are so pleased to tell you that six kosher vanilla ice creams were featured. In fact, Weis Vanilla Bean, available in tubs, was awarded second place and came in with the highest overall score for texture. Other kosher ice creams listed include: "Coles Finest Madagascan Vanilla Bean" (500mL, requires ‘956849’ next to the barcode); "You’ll Love Coles Reduced Fat Vanilla Ice Cream " (2L, 4L, 5L tubs, when Best Before date ends with letter ‘S’); "Coles Smart Buy Vanilla Ice Confection" (Best Before date ends with letter ‘S’); "Sara Lee Classic French Vanilla", and "Woolworths Home Brand Vanilla ice cream".

Just a reminder that when we issue information about codes on labels, it’s simply to ensure that you purchase ice cream from a batch that was checked by us, and made in a site we have visited and endorsed. Thank you for asking about the kashrut status of "Milfina" (Aldi) vanilla ice creams. They are not kosher as they are made in a factory that currently does not have the KA’s seal of approval. So with six varieties listed above, including some home brands and some at the decadent end of the scale (not to mention having even more options on our KA list that weren’t included in this report) – dear kosher consumers, there’s simply no ‘choice’ but to get licking!

Thank you to so many of our KA subscribers for generously supporting Our Big Kitchen’s (OBK) Toys & Toiletries Appeal, on behalf of flood victims in Queensland. Did you know that Our Big Kitchen is the hub for many cottage industries, each featuring our KA hechsher? And what a hive of activity it is!

This week, we had a chat with Anne Pincus and Dani Litzman, a dynamic mother-daughter duo who run the catering business "Eat Your Heart Out". Wanting to expand from a home-based set-up a couple of years ago, Anne told us it was "Rabbi Groner’s suggestion that we transition into Our Big Kitchen, and we immediately realised how valuable that guidance was – not to mention the seamless process of updating our kashrut license, authorised by Rabbi Gutnick. Also, Rabbi & Laya Slavin and the OBK Team were so supportive - the environment couldn’t be more positive."

Dani continued "here at OBK, this is community in the truest sense – other KA-endorsed small businesses are by our side and we help each other." Eat Your Heart Out’s competitive and extensive price list features many sweet and savoury delights. They have fish options, tarts, salads, meat dishes in tasty sauces … but save room for dessert, ’cause they have that covered too (see images below). Yes, with a seemingly endless choice of freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, muffins and seasonal fruit platters – consider Eat Your Heart Out for your next simcha.

Fact: Anne and Dani at Eat Your Heart Out produce delicious kosher food. Fact: Anne and Dani are approachable and happy to accommodate. Fact: this quality kosher fare emanates from the capable hands of two fabulous women with positive energy and culinary skills to match. (For further info and/or a copy of the comprehensive price list please contact Anne on 0413 474 894 or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

And finally, just talking powdered beverages for a minute, we wanted to let you know that Nestlé has discontinued Caramel Nesquik and Plus Chocolate Nesquik, but they have added a new flavour, now listed in our KA product directory, Nesquik Banana.

Stay tuned for our next edition of Kosher KApers, jam-packed with more kosher product info and the latest news.


Smiley The KA Team

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