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Friday April 29, 2011

Hello and welcome! Well, we’ve crunched and munched for eight days, and it’s time to pack away our eclectic mix of Pesach paraphernalia, and make a date to revisit the bread of our affliction next year!

We offer a public ‘thank you’ to the fabulous kosher bakers around town for working tirelessly through the night post-chag, and in the days since. Their efforts have allowed us to sink our teeth into freshly baked kosher bread and boy do we appreciate the texture and the variety!

It’s time to restock that pantry, so what better moment than right now to answer your kosher product questions. Just before we do, there is something you need in your hot little hands on the way to the supermarket of your choice: our new 5771/2011 Kosher Product and Services Directory. Just after Pesach is an absolutely ideal time for you to make sure you have this at home, in your bag, or alongside your shopping list.

This year it just couldn’t be easier to access this fabulous communal resource. You have asked us how to renew your subscription? Happy to answer! Basically, any way you would like to access the KA, in order to receive this book, we have available for you and, for your convenience, we have attached the subscription form. Click here to download the subscription form. You can print and mail the completed form with a cheque, money order or credit card details to the KA, at P O Box 7206, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, or print and fax to 02 9365 0933. If you prefer, simply fill in and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with credit card details. The KA now also offers you secure online subscriptions with Pay Pal™. Of course, all subscription information is also available at www.ka.org.au, click on ‘Subscriptions’ and follow the prompts. Those subscribers paying by Visa or MasterCard but not through a Pay Pal™ account need to click on "Return to The NSW Kashrut Authority" to complete the required details to confirm your subscription.

We have three subscription options available: firstly, for $36.30 (incl. GST and postage), you can purchase the 2011 Kosher Product Directory, and receive mail and e-mail updates. Alternatively, if you would prefer to receive the 2011 Kosher Product Directory and e-mail updates (i.e. no mail updates), it costs $33 (incl. GST and postage). Finally, if your choice is not to receive the Directory, but rather to solely receive the KA’s e-mail updates, it is simply $18 per annum (incl. GST).

As you can see in your new KA Kosher Directory, or online at our KA website, there is an impressive variety of fruit juices produced by Nudie. Thank you for letting us know just how much you are enjoying the delicious Nudie Fresh juices, both the ‘Nothing but 20 Apples – Cloudy Apple Juice’, and the ‘Nothing but 21 Oranges – Juice with Pulp’. We have listened and simply had to sample ourselves – talk about the real deal! This juice has no sugar, preservatives, concentrate or water. The fruit goes from the tree to the sealed Nudie bottle within 72 hours.

There is a wonderful selection of Nudie Crushies and Nudie Juices. With flavours such as Blueberry, Blackberry & More; and Strawberry Banana & More, we appreciate your feedback on just how thrilled you are to have this range available to Australia’s kosher consumers. Perhaps the most interesting line to date has to be Nudie’s new Coconut Water. Don’t confuse this with coconut milk, it’s quite different. Actually this is the liquid portion extracted from inside young green, immature coconuts. Sound a touch foreign? It is a revelation. The Australian kosher community’s interest is reflective of the wider community’s intrigue with this age-old drink that is relatively new to our shores.

There are four flavours and we are pleased to inform you that all four are kosher: Coconut Water Straight Up; Coconut Water with Lychee and Lime; Coconut Water with Pineapple, Orange and Passion fruit, and Coconut Water with Pomegranate and Acai (a small South American fruit). Feted for its hydration qualities and superior taste. Next time you are out and about and feel like quenching your thirst, try Nudie Coconut Water: kosher and very cool! smiley.jpg

How we bridge the divide between Coconut Water and crushed tomatoes we actually don’t know … you asked us about tomato products and we are delighted to answer. You postulated a very good question: what do the letters (printed with an inkjet stamp) ‘BIL-BBF-K’ stand for on the neck of the 700mL bottle of Carloni Passata Sauce, (crushed tomatoes, available in Aldi stores)? Similarly, the ‘BIL-BBF-K’ stamp appears on the 700mL bottle of No Frills Crushed Tomatoes, available in Franklins supermarkets. Let us explain: firstly, you should know that both are endorsed mehadrin and pareve. Okay, ‘BIL’ is the KA’s code for identifying the manufacturing plant where the product is made. This is followed by the best before date and the letter ‘K’, indicates the product is kosher.

You have told us that contacting Tannos Fine Ice Cream, has been difficult of late and you haven’t been successful in reaching the company. We can shed some light on this and understand that if you have an upcoming simchah, large or small; you really need to contact your desired ice cream people! So this is the story: Tannos ice creams and sorbets are now produced and distributed by a company called Barfresh. It is now no longer possible to call Tannos, rather, direct your call to Barfresh in Silverwater on 02 8753 7800 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , and they will assist you with all your queries. The Tannos range is kosher certified by the Kashrut Authority. Tannos sorbets are mehadrin and pareve and the ice creams are dairy and chalav stam, and are so popular – for good reason too! Available in Chocolate Premium; Strawberry Premium; Vanilla Premium; Low Fat Strawberry and Vanilla, and the Vanilla Full Cream Soft Serve (if you can lick your way through that 10 litre tub, credit to you!)smiley.jpg

Please note, chalav stam indicates that the milk used in the ice cream is regular milk, rather than chalav Yisrael which is supervised by a Jew from the commencement of the milking process.

So call, fax or email us, and please incorporate the 2011 Kosher Product and Services Directory into your kosher world. Buy it for you, buy it for family, buy it for friends, ’cause what this information-laden current book represents is our daily mission: ‘Keeping Kosher Made Easy’.

smiley.jpg The KA Team

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