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Monday June 6, 2011

With Shavuot fast approaching, we are so grateful that Hashem gave us the Torah (of course!) and are so excited that one of the customs surrounding this happy time of the year involves the consumption of dairy products like milk and cheese.

We can see a wave of kosher dairy delicacies on the horizon – with our office here on Bondi Beach let’s use some Aussie slang … Surf’s Up dear kosher consumers! Let’s ride that wave!

Bondi Pizza Gallery
The talented team at Bondi Pizza Gallery has been making an appetising selection of kosher, gourmet vegetarian pizza and salads of the highest quality for Sydney’s Jewish community for over five years. Conveniently located at 69 O’Brien Street, Bondi Pizza Gallery is a hive of activity. Okay, did you know that catering options are available for any party you are planning? Did you know that Bondi Pizza Gallery has a room available upstairs that you can book for private parties or meetings? Let’s face it, pizza like this is a success with any age group. Thus far, many Bar and Bat Mitzvah functions have been enriched with the arrival of pizzas made with fresh dough and tasty market veggies. Bondi Pizza Gallery opens an hour after Shabbat ends on a Saturday night. Is it possible to pick up kosher pizzas for your Saturday night soiree that guests will be kvelling over? Yes, can do.

The crew at Bondi Pizza Gallery has a loyal following. There is no doubt they are buoyed by positive compliments extended by customers, who travel overseas and return with the certainty that this milchig marvel is on par with, if not superior to, kosher pizza offered in foreign lands. Listening to their clientele is paramount and the crew absolutely supports choices to personalise pizza. Not only can you alter the existing menu but should you wish to Design-Your-Own-Pizza – yes, all possible here.

“When it comes to the KA, we deal primarily with Reverend Amzalak. We get on so well, he is such a gentleman and our rapport with him truly makes our day-to-day running a smooth operation,” said owner Rafi Levy. “We have stayed true to what we know: quality pizza and salads. Our young patrons often enjoy the Margarita; those with a more refined palette love other options including our Greek with Fetta Cheese. For customers preferring not to eat dairy, we have our No Cheese Pizza with tomato sauce, anchovies, onions and mushrooms,” Rafi added.

And don’t forget that whenever you call, no matter how busy, your pizza will be ready for you in a short 15 minutes. Don’t forget that dessert is also available – how about melted chocolate spread on a sweet pizza base? Whether it’s Shavuot or all year round … Bondi Pizza Gallery welcomes your family!

At this time of year, there’s no doubt the KA Team love their pizza – but there are so many more Shavuot treats to share with you.

Kosher Bakeries Milchig & Pareve Shavuot Treats

Carmel Bakery, located at the epicentre of the Oxford Street Mall in Bondi Junction, is so excited to inform all in Kosher Land that there is a new European super-fabulous pastry chef working his magic with new and creative innovations (see images below). And what perfect timing! Shavuot is a great excuse to sample some of these Chalav Yisrael delicacies. Of course, Carmel is well known for their traditional cheese cake (purchase as an individual slice, 8 inch, 10 inch, half slab or full slab) and cheese pockets. New this year, Carmel now offer semolina cheese cake, cherry and semolina cake; and even coconut and semolina cake. There are also three varieties of strudel: cheese and peach; cheese and cherry, and apple.

Still on the milchig merry-go-round, sample Carmel’s authentic croissant with custard (milchig) and the utterly impressive new cherry and fresh cream choux pastry creation. For customers requesting savoury options over Shavuot, Carmel caters: choose from a mushroom; vegetable; or spinach and fetta cheese quiche (available as individual sizes, 10 inch or 12 inch), or cheese and spinach Bourekas.

“We are delighted that this year, for the first time, in addition to our new cakes, we offer crepes in five ways: plain, cheese, sultana, cherry and chocolate. We appreciate that customers enjoy sampling from our varied menu – that is why our mixed box of cakes is so popular,” explained owner Hanan Buskilah.

Glicks Cakes and Bagels (173 Bondi Rd, Bondi & Shop 140 St. Ives Village Shopping Centre) are offering the Sydney community four decadent varieties of Chalav Yisrael cheese cake at this special time of year: chocolate, blueberry, caramel and plain. They are available in a sliced log form (600 grams) or in a round foil tin (approx. one kilo). There are also cheese blintzes, cheese Danish, dairy vanilla slices, dairy éclairs and cheese muffins. The above treats are in addition to the full range that we have all come to know and love at Glicks. You should know that the cheese cakes flavoured with chocolate, blueberry and caramel are only available now, just before Shavuot, yes, a once-a-year indulgence - so don’t miss out!

If you happen to be allergic to dairy, lactose intolerant, or simply not partial to all-things-milk, look no further than Grandma Moses (513 Old South Head Road) for your Shavuot solution! For the past ten years Lawrence and his team have been consistently producing pareve cheese cakes and pareve cheese pockets of the highest quality. Is there a difference in taste between these two superior pareve delights and traditional cheese cake? Well, you will have to let us know! Lawrence is convinced their winning pareve cheese cake recipe is on par with the best dairy offers … ahh we simply have no choice but to serve their pareve cheese cake after a fleishig meal and leave it to our guests to decide! smiley.jpg Cheese cake after chicken seems a stretch! Yes you can, when it’s Grandma Moses’ pareve cheese delights.


Your Kashrut Question Answered …

Given this time of year, we weren’t at all surprised to receive a question regarding milk chocolate. Each question we receive is valid and pertinent and we are pleased we can offer some insight in this instance. You have asked us why it is that some Cadbury Treat Size chocolates are not kosher (e.g. Crunchie, Flake and Time Out Share Packs) whereas many others are included (e.g Twirl Treat Size, Dairy Milk Chocolate). We recognise that this is confusing when chocolates in larger sizes are kosher, but in these smaller sizes may not be. We can tell you that around Australia, Cadbury’s operate out of several manufacturing plants. Very often, the treat size of a chocolate bar will be produced in a different plant to the same chocolate in a factory elsewhere and therefore cannot be approved. The KA is meticulous about only verifying products we have direct access and inspection rights (either the KA personally, or other respected Kashrut agencies).

If you are busy baking, consider Tempo’s new sour cream (adassth.jpg), or on the flip side of the crepe, so to speak, incorporate one of the ten varieties of cheese substitutes in the Sheese range (lbdv2[1].png) into your menu such as ‘Chives Creamy Sheese Spread’ or ‘Mexican Style Creamy Sheese Spread’ (available at Krinsky’s, Stark’s, and health food stores).

However you choose to eat your way through Shavuot, we have loved sharing the above options with you. Chag Sameach!

smiley.jpg The KA Team

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