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Friday June 24, 2011

Welcome to our ‘Wellness Issue’! You know, ‘wellness’ is a catchphrase heard so much around town. Ask any practitioner and they will tell you that so much of how we feel stems from the food we consume, the fuel for our bodies.

We recognise that and appreciate that kosher consumers are mindful of their nutritional choices. This is why the 2011 KA Kosher Directory subsection, ‘Health Bars, Supplements & Vitamins’ is ever-growing. You have asked us to delve a little deeper. Thank you for that request – as a result, we feel we have learnt so much in the process. So in the spirit of sharing and caring about ourselves and those around us – let’s begin!

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company

Featuring quality wellness products at reasonable prices, we are delighted to profile this impressive, environmentally friendly organisation offering exceptional products that compete directly against national leading supermarket brands. You have asked us where to find Melaleuca products. Well, quite simply, these products can be delivered to your doorstep. And when you see this extensive catalogue for yourself, you will realise what a find this is – especially for kosher consumers. Take the current Autumn/Winter catalogue for example; the team at Melaleuca has methodically and helpfully inserted a blue magen-david next to every kosher product – there are so many we actually lost count!

The team at Melaleuca explains, “We truly value our clientele who choose to purchase kosher items and have found Rabbi Aaron Groner to be a huge support. On occasion, we have called Rabbi Groner to supervise a production run of vitamins and minerals, sometimes requiring him to travel long distances at very short notice. He has always been an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Melaleuca’s kosher list is long and varied - multivitamins, diet shakes and bars, sports shakes and bars, mouth wash, even a wide variety of ‘tooth polishes’ and gels, for example, the Koala Pals Apple Training Tooth Gel, is kosher. Laundry detergents, laundry stain removers, disinfectants, and cleaners for hard surfaces … we are certain this has whetted your wellness appetite!

If you would like to receive Melaleuca’s catalogue and peruse products that are clean, green and safe for your family, please call 1800 073 399. You are also welcome to contact Marci Stedman in Sydney on 0414 383 103 or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss any queries you may have. Additionally, you can visit www.melaleuca.com.

Grainfields Australia

Grainfields offer kosher consumers a quality range of fermented liquids and powders. Grainfields take certified organic plants, grains, greens and vegetables that have natural bacteria attached to leaves and stems, and put them into an environment within which natural bacteria grows, and only the beneficial bacteria survives. According to general manager, Warren Chambers, “it is a long fermentation process with a two-fold benefit: firstly, it assists the body by providing beneficial bacteria and secondly, being fully fermented, it makes it easier for the body to metabolise the nutrients from the ingredients. These bacteria are often depleted by illness, stress, and antibiotic therapy.”

Mr. Chambers continues, “Our relationship with Rabbi Groner and the Kashrut Authority can only be described as excellent. Grainfields is a global brand and we often export from Australia. Frequently, if we have an order for the United States, for example, it is requested that the product is certified kosher. Enter Rabbi Groner, he helpfully explains the process needed to ‘kosherise’ our products, particularly our liquids and powders”.

Grainfields’ biggest seller is a kosher product - ‘Extracts of Grain – Lemon & Ginger’, available in 500mL and two litre bottles. This is a source of lactobacillus bacteria and contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. You can find it at health food stores, for example, Mr. Vitamins in Chatswood, and BodyMindLife in Rozelle. Grainfields’ products come from nature, not from laboratories and many practitioners stock their range. For more information, call toll-free 1300 304 188, email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.grainfieldsaustralia.com.

Roar Energy

Operating out of Our Big Kitchen, this week we also cast the spotlight on a kosher certified cottage industry, Roar Energy – fitting snugly under the wellness umbrella. Owner and passionate advocate, Marc Neumann believes Roar Energy provides a tried and tested solution to getting healthy. Quite simply, it is by offering your body the fruit and vegetables it needs on a daily basis by drinking the … drum roll please … Roar Energy Cocktail.

Marc (a health and wellness coach) explains, “This comprises of 15 blended organic fruits and vegetables and will truly give your body the best start to the day. It offers an abundance of what we all truly need - vitamins and minerals. Rabbi Groner pops in to check the ingredients of our quality pareve product – essentially this is straight from Mother Nature, so other than meticulously checking the spinach or silver beet for bugs, there are no kashrut issues at all!”

Marc’s enthusiasm shines through “I would love you to experience the multitude of benefits that I personally felt when I embarked on this journey – feeling younger with significantly increased energy levels through my program of Oxygenation, Hydration, and Nourishment.” For more information about the Roar Energy philosophy, Cocktail, or delivery options, please contact Marc Neumann on 0420 983 822, email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.roar-energy.com. Also please note that the next Roar Energy Healthy Lifestyle Seminar will take place at 7pm on Wednesday July 13th at Our Big Kitchen, bookings are essential.


Your Kashrut Question Answered …

Ahhh, still in the spirit of health and wellbeing, this is the perfect moment to answer your question about whether there are any new additional kosher Sanitarium products. Firstly, a clarification: in our 2011 Kosher Product Directory we list a cereal named ‘Weet-Bix Multi Grain Bites’, this is now known as ‘Weet-Bix Multi Grain’ and is still kosher and pareve – it features five grains, coconut and honey. We are also really pleased to advise that Weet-Bix Crunchy Honey Bites is now kosher and pareve.

And as for Sanitarium peanut butter – our 2011 Product Guide lists the Sanitarium Natural Smooth and Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter (mehadrin), we are also happy to advise that Sanitarium Original Smooth, Crunchy and Super Crunchy are also kosher and pareve. Additionally, Sanitarium No Added Sugar or Salt Smooth and Crunchy are kosher and pareve.

We love that kosher consumers are requesting information and education surrounding healthy kosher products. As soon as new products are added to the KA Product Directory, we will let you know immediately. We all strive to live healthier and more vibrant lives, the more kosher ‘wellness’ products, the merrier!

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