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Thursday July 21, 2011

Welcome to our Chai edition of Kosher KApers – number eighteen! You know, here at the KA office, every day, in many and varied ways, we strive to work for you to answer your kashrut questions and investigate new and established kosher products.

This week is truly a bumper week for kosher product information. Today, we have the latest Kosher KApers edition, tomorrow morning be sure to check your in-box for our jam-packed KA July Kosher Alerts, featuring an extensive list of additions, a significantly shorter list of deletions, an informative list of kosher products NLP (no longer produced), and of course, also showcasing helpful clarifications. We suggest you print it out and leisurely read through over Shabbat, our one true day of menuchah, of rest. Don’t forget to update your KA Kosher Product Directory with these changes.

We are so pleased that within Kosher KApers, we have the opportunity to delve a little deeper. We are simply bursting with kosher information to share. Let’s skip around the KA Kosher Product Directory!

Nestlé Ice Blocks

We have news of the cold variety. Back in early May you asked us a question about Raspberry Icy Poles. At the time, given colouring concerns, we informed you that they were not kosher. Well, we are so pleased to tell you that these concerns have been thoroughly investigated and Nestlé now use another variety of colouring acceptable for kosher approval. With confidence, you now have new kosher ice block choices to add to your frozen kosher selection. Yes, Raspberry is back! The Variety Pack (Lemonade and Raspberry) is A-OK – also the Nestlé Peters Robbo’s Raspberry Flavour Aussie Classic (single serve) is just fine. With no artificial flavours or colours, this is a cool 99.9% fat free treat that includes elderberry juice as an ingredient.

We have received many queries about the kosher status of Nestlé Peters Frosty Fruits. Great news dear kosher consumers, the Tropical flavour, in the Single Serve and Multi pack, is now kosher. Please note that the Watermelon/Pineapple flavour is not, as cochineal (South American scale insect from which crimson colour is derived) is listed as an ingredient.

Tomorrow you will notice that adjacent to the Nestlé Peters Ice Block listing within the July Kosher Alerts, are the letters ‘P/DV’. This is really important and denotes that these ice blocks are pareve and do not contain any dairy ingredients, yet they share equipment at the manufacturing plant with dairy items. If you are eating a fleishig (meat) meal, technically from a kashrut perspective, it is best not to eat the ice blocks simultaneously with your meat (we appreciate that practically it’s a big ask to juggle a steak in one hand and a melting ice block in the other…) However, you may consume these ice blocks directly after the fleishig meal without having to wait any time at all. Please note that those kosher consumers who keep chalav Yisrael should check with their rabbi.

Gourmet Farm Prunes
Ahhh Prunes. Often the tinned fruit garnering the least amount of attention, playing second fiddle to the more vibrant apricot or summery peach, today we are pleased to inform you that Gourmet Farm Prunes are worthy of a gold star. It’s all in the taste, dear kosher consumers, and this pareve product has recently received kosher certification and is now available at Franklins supermarkets. Savour the flavour of a Gourmet Farm Prune and you’ll be singing a merry tune!smiley.jpg

Be Natural Porridge & Cereal
You asked us to ascertain the kashrut status of a new breakfast product on the market, Be Natural Multi Grain Porridge. Yes, it gets the kosher tick of approval! With no added salt or sugar this blend of linseed, oats, barley and rye can now be added to your kosher breakfast menu. High in fibre and containing no preservatives, colours or flavours, it is available at all supermarkets. In addition, we are pleased to advise that the new Be Natural 5 Whole Grain Flakes Cereal is also kosher, and comprises of wheat, oats, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye).

Organic Bubs
Thank you for letting us know how much your little ones are enjoying this range of certified organic baby food. We love seeing their contented little faces earnestly squeezing the delicious contents out of the convenient resealable pouches. Of the dozen varieties, in the past there has been one that was not kosher. We are pleased to inform you that the final piece in the puzzle, so to speak, is now complete. The flavour ‘Pear and White Grape’ (see image below) is now made from a grape concentrate that has reliable kosher certification. Grape is on the menu for your baby and with that, the entire range of fruit and vegetable selections is now kosher – from Blueberry, Banana and Quinoa to Pumpkin and Kumera Cous Cous.

Co-owner, Anthony Gualdi informs us, “our aim has always been for the full range of Organic Bubs to be kosher. Liaising with Rabbi Gutnick and Rabbi Groner has been fantastic. We have now sourced the necessary kosher ingredient and we are thrilled.”

Harkam Windarra Winery
Now more than ever, the Jewish wine consumer has a more discerning palette. You have told us how much you love learning about innovative kosher wines. Well, find that easy-to-use bottle opener, ’cause we have some news from the spectacular Hunter Valley. Yes, Harkham Windarra Winery is thrilled to announce two new non-mevushal wines just released – their 2011 Rose Nouveau and Shiraz Nouveau (see images below), both available for purchase from Vaucluse Cellars.

Richard Harkham explains, “We are so proud to produce the only non-mevushal wine in all of Australia. These wines are preservative-free and have been gently developed in the French style – essentially a minimalistic approach. We know this to be true: the less intervention the better!”

Richard eloquently continues, “Our Rose Nouveau was fermented by indigenous yeasts and has been bottled without fining agents or unnecessary stabilisations – our mission was to convey the full flavours of the Hunter Valley and we believe we have delivered. This wine offers subtle scents of autumn, with notes of peppery raspberry and strawberries and has a dry, voluminous finish. Our 2011 Shiraz Nouveau was inspired by the great natural producers in Beaujolais, France and has been whole bunch fermented (also by indigenous yeasts). It encapsulates toffee-infused blackberries, hints of tea, is fleshy and flamboyant, and you will detect a touch of smoke on the finish.”



Absolutely time to fill that glass! Thanks for travelling with us into Kosher Product Land. Did you know that today in Sydney’s west is the grand opening of bulk goods retailer Costco? We will fill you in on many kosher products available there and look forward to sharing more cool product news in the next edition of Kosher KApers and of course, in tomorrow’s July Kosher Alerts. If you have any queries that arise from our Kosher Alerts, please ask and we will be more than happy to clarify.

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