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Thursday August 4, 2011

Right now, we are in the midst of The Nine Days – a time of reflection for the Jewish community-at-large and for each of us individually. We recall many trials that the Jewish People have experienced throughout history, including the destruction of both Temples.
One practical display of our commitment, in honouring all that has challenged us, is to temporarily omit meat from our diet. This is why you may have noticed a change in menus at kosher eateries around town this week.

Uncle Harry’s Natty Foods

So given that we are embracing all-things-vegetarian with gusto, it is a perfect opportunity for us to inform you of some exciting news from Uncle Harry’s Natty Foods ka logoth.jpg (www.natty.com.au). This forward-thinking company has an impressive selection of ‘heat and eat’ healthy, pareve, oven-baked, low fat Natty Foods. Served as a centre-of-the-plate alternative for red meat, fish or chicken – this versatile range can truly be enjoyed at any time of the day.

In Sydney’s east, the three kosher Natty burger flavours: Sweet Potato and Cous Cous; Famous Original, and Spicy Chilli, are widely available in the refrigerated section of Kemeny’s Food & Liquor, Norton St Grocer Bondi, and Daily Fresh Randwick. Additionally, kosher Natty Foods are sold frozen at Grandma Moses, Thomas Dux Grocer (Surry Hills and Paddington) and 7th Heaven Wholefoods in Randwick. On the north side, kosher consumers can find Natty foods at Lo Surdo’s Fresh Express in North Sydney, Hummerstons in Lane Cove West or at Thomas Dux Grocer (Crows Nest or Hornsby).

Inventor and passionate producer, Allan Rodd (see image below), believes, “the Jewish community will really enjoy our premium kosher products available in five shapes: burgers, bites, steaks, sandwich slices, and baguette strips. We are so excited to introduce to you our new mushroom-based range that you can now add to your ‘anytime’ menu: Mushroom Bites, Burgers, Sandwich Slices, and Steaks.” (Please note: these are available in bulk packs only, for example, 24 burgers or two kilos of Bites, and can be ordered for home delivery from the website).

Allan continues, “We proudly use only fresh Australian vegetables and whole grains – all made without a trace of preservatives or code-number additives. Our products can be enjoyed by the whole family, and are a wonderful option for those with food allergy restrictions, as we do not include peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, yeast or sugar. Quite simply, it’s baked like bread – and eaten like meat!” The KA Team has to ask; now how can that be beat? smiley.jpg

My Kosher Store

Feel tired of shlepping out and about to purchase your kosher goodies? Time to sit with that warm cup of coffee close at hand, and navigate that laptop or iPad straight to Australia’s newest kosher online shopping solution: My Kosher Store. Yes, www.mykosherstore.com.au is here - it’s comprehensive and a wonderful new addition to the kosher shopping landscape for consumers all around the country.

Website creator Heath Baum is energised, “we see My Kosher Store as a one-stop-shop for kosher needs. We have only just launched this initiative and have over 400 items available, with more added daily.”

My Kosher Store is cleverly divided into three divisions: Grocery, Health Food, and American Stores. The product range features many interesting and often difficult to source kosher food options – a large number is listed in the KA 2011 Kosher Directory and are KA certified mehadrin products. And herein lies the genius: you can happily, virtually ‘toss’ many kosher items effortlessly into your cyber-trolley, anytime of the day or night!

Given that it’s the Nine Days, you should know that every product found at My Kosher Store is either pareve or dairy, so no need to delay! From Carwari’s organic Dark Original Agave Nectar ka logoth.jpg, to Sheese’s dairy-free cheddar-style with chives lbdv2[1].png, to Bone Suckin’ Thick Hot Sauce okv2[1].gif – the choices are extensive! Why not end a long day with Hershey’s Shell Topping ouv2[1].gif over a well-deserved bowl of ice cream? The KA Team wishes this new venture hatzlachah! Gone are the days when American products needed to be ceremonially transported via suitcase by those crossing the oceans! No, no … unique, tasty and interesting kosher products are here and available at your fingertips.

Contact My Kosher Store on 02 9345 4231, via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or at the dedicated ‘My Kosher Store’ discussion group on Facebook. Delivery for orders over $65 is free to many areas of Sydney.

Bundaberg Sugar

You asked us to investigate the range of products at Bundaberg Sugar – we have great news: the entire range is newly certified kosher by the KA! This includes Rich Brown Sugar; Caster Sugar; Golden Syrup; Icing Sugar; Raw Sugar; Sugar Serves; White Sugar, and the White Sugar Tub Pack. We do, however, have an important clarification for you. In the KA Directory’s subsection, ‘Toppings & Syrups’ we list Molasses, Liquid Sugar, and Treacle – please note these three products are available in industrial food service sizes only. With such quality core ingredients, time to bake that kosher cake or biscuits!

Thanks for catching the proverbial kosher train with us once again. Meanwhile, take advantage of this meat-free moment on our Jewish calendar, and sample the many vegetarian products we have listed in our 2011 KA Product Directory. We look forward to hearing from you and shedding light on any kosher food or beverage questions you may have.

smiley.jpg The KA Team

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