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The KA Office has been a hive of activity of late and we have so much exciting news from Kosher Land to share with you. This week, we bring you information about newly certified companies who stock simply amazing never-seen-before kosher products. Repeat – Amazing!

Let’s begin by talking coffee – the best way to enjoy a quality cuppa is to sit down with friends and schmooze. And this is exactly what Kosher KApers is – an opportunity for us to connect with you, our valued kosher consumers, and talk shop!

La Casa del Caffe
Hands up who amongst you is a coffee or tea afficionado? Well, newly certified La Casa del Caffe (www.lacasadelcaffe.com.au) is here and is revolutionising the world of hot beverages for kosher consumers. La Casa del Caffe is a family affair and the Kennedy clan have transferred their pure ideals into sound business practise. Co-owner Louise Kennedy proudly informs us, “We procure beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, helping to ensure a sustainable future for rainforests and we are also a member of Fairtrade, guaranteeing a better deal for Third World producers. While working with Reverend Samra to acquire kosher certification from the KA, we have learnt so much about what ‘kosher’ means – it has been interesting and couldn’t have been easier. We think we might have taught Reverend Samra a little about the wonders of coffee as well!”

Louise continues, “At La Casa del Caffe, we meticulously clean our coffee beans before roasting and we do this four days each week at our Minto production plant. Our coffee is the highest quality, contains no additives and is beautifully fresh – whenever you purchase any of our 11 kosher varieties, know that they were blended within the previous 48 hours!”

The kosher selection includes: Brasilian Instant; All Natural Water Decaffeinated; Double Pods; Single Pods; Colombian; French; Italian; Napoletana; Rainforest; Fairtrade Organic; Tazza D’oro, and the Signature Blend – Tropicana (all Certified Mehadrin and Pareve). La Casa del Caffe accommodates for each and every client and is delighted to customise blends. If your favourite is a happy ‘coffee marriage’ of French and Italian – La Casa del Caffe can do!

In addition to the 12 kosher coffee blends, the KA Team are thrilled to announce the following new kosher products: Monin Coffee and Tea Syrups (KSA hechsher [ksa.gif]) -perfect for coffee, ice creams, milkshakes and so much more. Monin’s highly concentrated syrups are made up of nuts, spices, fruits, flowers, and pure sugar. Each flavour comes in a stylish 700mL glass bottle - hereby exposing the kosher palette to new tantalising taste sensations. Monin Kosher Coffee Syrups include: Almond; Caramel; Cinnamon; Frosted Mint; Hazelnut; Irish Cream; Macadamia; Vanilla, and White Chocolate. Monin Kosher Tea Syrups include: Chai; Lemon; Mango; Peach, and Raspberry. What this means is that if you would like to make up a Chai Caramel Latte – you can! The sky is truly the limit with this exceptional newly available kosher range.

The KA is also pleased to advise that La Casa del Caffe stock two further aromatic kosher products by the brand Chai Amore (both with the OU-D hechsher [ouv2[1].gifD]. These are Tahitian Vanilla and Indian Spiced Chai Latte Mix -both can be prepared hot, chilled or easily blended with ice, available in 1.3 kilo tubs.

Please note the KA logo does not appear on the packaging as yet, but will do in the next print run scheduled for 2012. For more information, or to purchase from this range, call La Casa del Caffe on 1300 522 272, 02 9824 6071 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . The Kennedy crew are available to explain sizes, blends, & really anything to do with what they truly stand for:espresso perfection. smiley.jpg

Fruta Tropical
We have a feeling that kosher freezers around town are about to make room for a newly certified [ka logoth.jpg] fabulous kosher product range by Australian-owned Fruta Tropical: frozen fruit pulp in ten refreshing flavours.

Co-owner Roshelle Mizrachi is excited, “Our 100% tropical fruit pulp has no added colourings, sweeteners or preservatives. We are so happy to offer the kosher community our selection. Grown in Colombia, our fresh fruit is picked at (what we know to be) the perfect stage of ripeness. Quick as a flash, the peel and seeds are removed, and pasteurisation occurs with the pulp. It is then immediately frozen – thus preserving the nutritional qualities.”

The Fruta Tropical kosher range includes: mango; blackberry; strawberry; passionfruit; papaya; lime, and mixed berries. It also includes three native Colombian fruits – lulo; soursop, and feijoa – new to the Australian market each with its own delicious distinctive South American taste (Lulo is Roshelle’s favourite!)

Co-owner Joel Mugrabi continues, “Think of our pure fruit pulp as a healthy, convenient, luscious key ingredient. It can be used for a variety of drinks including smoothies, juices and cocktails, an endless array of desserts such as ice cream, gelato and ice blocks. It is also ideal for sweet foods, savoury dishes - your imagination can truly run wild. Essentially, take this home and prepare anything that uses fruit as an ingredient – and it is available all year round!”

Kosher consumers can purchase in handy 100 gram portions from Grandma Moses or Krinsky’s from today. It is also presented in four larger packaging options for food service and manufacturing industries. All flavours offered are KA certified – e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.fruta.com.au for further information.


Your Kashrut question answered …

Brothers-All-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps
Thanks for asking us about the availability of this healthy nosh (see image above). The KA advises that these freeze-dried, sliced Fuji apple snacks (ideal for lunchboxes or anytime) are available at Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets around New South Wales and have an OU hechsher (ouv2[1].gif). In addition, you can find this product at Costco – where it is in a box of 20 and is re-packaged as Disney’s Freeze-dried fruit crisps, available in apple or strawberry/banana flavours, also with each individual bag stamped with the OU hechsher.

We are so pleased you enjoyed our recent ‘health’ issue – thanks for the positive feedback. We are here to help answer your questions and offer you the latest in kosher news. When we know – you know, it’s that simple!

smiley.jpg The KA Team

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