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Welcome back to another informative yet conversational edition of Kosher KApers. Last week, Purim was certainly wet here in Sydney, but oh so wonderful too.

Thousands of hamentashen were enjoyed as was so much kosher nosh found in the generous mishloach manot given and received. Thank you for your positive feedback about our Purim edition, we loved compiling that for you. Our aim is to help you, our valued kosher consumer, navigate through the world of Kashrut through each celebration in our busy Jewish calendar – but you knew that already! We know the drill, the minute Purim comes to an end, there’s no escaping it, Pesach, in all its intricate glory deserves our attention.

Harkham Wine Event
Now here is Pesach wine shopping at its most fabulous! Imagine stylish surroundings; imagine complimentary kosher canapés and light refreshments by renowned chef, Tony Bilson; imagine gentle jazz tunes – all-the-while sampling some of the finest kosher non-mevushal and preservative-free wines in the world. This is no dream; this is a sumptuous afternoon you are welcome to attend. This is the inaugural Harkham Windarra Winery event.

Is it any wonder that Richard Harkham is excited? Richard explains, “We welcome the community to sample our unique wines that are of the highest quality. We are delighted to announce that every single Harkham and Herzog bottle of wine available for purchase will be kosher le Pesach and offered at special prices.” And there is a wealth of choice – try the elegant Aziza’s Shiraz, the exceptional Chardonnay or perhaps the Old Vines Shiraz (produced with vines over 50 years old, available for the first time). This tasteful affair will certainly reflect the refined selection of Harkham’s extraordinary kosher wines.

The Harkham Windarra Winery event will be held this Sunday, March 18th at The Central Synagogue between 3pm and 6pm. For more information, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Passion8 Catering
With so much cleaning to do on our hunt for chametz, what a joy it is to know that the experienced and extraordinary team at Passion8 have once again put together an exciting Pesach menu. Passion8 Director Graham Flax adds, “This year, we have new items on our menu and also feature cuisine from many corners of the world - perhaps reflecting our journey as Jews after the Exodus.” With an Italian influence we see the chicken casserole or Pizza with grilled vegetables or margarita (Dairy), New York style pickles and the well-loved traditional European favourites. In addition, one dozen divine desserts (Pareve) are available this year, including the Dutch apple cake; Chocolate mousse cake (gluten-free) and the moreish new Toffee Matzo Bark. Orders must be received by 12pm Friday March 30. Home delivery is available or pick up directly from Passion8 HQ between 9am and 11am erev Pesach, Friday April 6th. Please call 02 9418 8922 and Passion8 will happily e-mail you the 2012 Pesach menu.

Lewis’ Continental Kitchen
Pesach is that moment each year when we come together to enjoy recounting that heroic story of the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. And of course, eating traditional, heimishe foods is part of that wonderful experience. This year, Pesach 5772 will be the 41st Pesach that Lewis’ cater to the community. Judith Lewis offers, “Here at Lewis’ we truly understand the magnitude of preparing for this chag, and with that in mind, our mission is two-fold: we aim to lighten the load so you can relax and enjoy the sederim and beyond, and quite simply, we are focussed on making Pesach food great. It is a celebration for one and all and our kosher le Pesach menu is of the highest standard.”

Lewis’ extensive Pesach selection is replete with a myriad of choices for each course of your Yom Tov meal. Gefilte fish, soup ; chicken; beef; fish; vegetarian – and often with tantalising sauces – think honey-glazed chicken, Scotch fillet with mushroom sauce, Teriyaki salmon and of course a choice of six salads. In addition to the ever-popular chocolate mousse and pareve ice cream options (vanilla and passionfruit), Lewis’ offer five cakes – hazelnut; almond; walnut; light chocolate; and orange/coconut/almond syrup cake. Judith helpfully informs kosher consumers: “We have had so many requests for ‘celebration’ cakes over Pesach – if family members are marking a milestone over the eight days, look no further than our kosher le Pesach cakes – perfect for any simcha.”

To place your Lewis’ Pesach orders, call (02) 9365 5421 and liaise with Karyn or Judith directly; fax (02) 9300 0037; e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for a copy of the menu; or visit the Lewis’ website www.lewiskosher.com to place an on-line order. Please note: for collection on Thursday April 5th (between 2pm and 8pm) final orders must be placed by 12pm, Tuesday April 3rd and for collection on Friday April 6th (between 6am and 2pm) erev Pesach, final orders must be placed by 12pm, Wednesday April 4th.

Grunfeld’s Catering
Delicious and traditional kosher le Pesach food is available again this year. Grunfeld’s offer helpful assistance with Seder plate staples including charoset and horseradish. Grunfeld’s is truly cuisine our community has come to know and trust. This includes an entrée of chopped liver; gefilte fish (boiled or fried); hearty chicken soup; salads; chicken and beef options and many side dishes including a Ratatouille box and potato or vegetable kugels. In addition, the cake selection and desserts are always firm favourites – Bon Vivant anyone? Of course, there is so much more listed on the Pesach order form, which helpfully indicates which dishes contain matzah meal and which are matzah-free. Final orders must be placed by 12 pm Wednesday April 4th. Consumers are invited to visit www.grunfelds.com.au to see the Pesach menu, or call 02 9327 6468.

Oat Matzot
If you or a member of your family is gluten-free, here is a practical solution for you over Pesach. Oat matzot are now available on a pre-pay, pre-order basis. The machine-made (12-15 pieces) or hand-made (3 to a packet) oat matzot cost $27 per box (which is cost price including postage). All orders must be in by March 19th - please contact the KA office on 1300 KASHRUT (02 9365 2933). Many kosher consumers have informed us that they prefer this oat matzah and have no gluten restrictions. So whether you have a dietary intolerance or simply a preference, call us as soon as possible – we don’t want you to miss out!

We look forward to bringing you our next edition, which will be delving into all-things-Pesach - we know the information will really help with your Pesach pantry and preparation. The KA Team is here and working around the clock for you.

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