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Well, here we are post-Pesach with our kosher kitchens converted back and the happy re-introduction of chametz into our daily diet. We were so pleased

to hear just how many kosher consumers appreciated the ever-increasing kosher le Pesach product selection this year and also the availability of our Rabbanim assisting with medical questions and so much more. Thank you for communicating those meaningful sentiments. We found the diversity of Pesach minhagim fascinating, reminding us that members of our community originate from the many corners of the globe – it is truly wonderful.

Boon Chocolates – Shabbat Shalom Boxes
Have you ever been invited out for a Shabbat meal and wondered what to bring that’s not only delightful but unique as well? Boon Chocolates has the answer with their new Shabbat Shalom Chocolate boxes (see image below). Yes, Boon, (voted Sydney’s Best Chocolate 2011 in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Shopping Guide) has designed these exquisite boxes featuring hand-made chocolates, pralines and truffles in two sizes: 5-piece and 16-piece.

Co-owner Alex Chan is passionate about tzedakah, “we are so pleased to announce that every Thursday we will be having a pre-Shabbat special: customers wishing to purchase our Shabbat Shalom boxes can choose to receive a 5% discount with a further 5% going to Jewish Care or alternatively, choose for 10% to go directly to Jewish Care.”

Giving back to the community is at the core of Boon’s ethos and Alex’s sincerity is palpable, “May our chocolate serve as a reminder of our admiration of the Jewish community’s fight for self-identity and so that others might see light through tzedakah. We pray for more miracles in other people’s lives and blessings of meaning in our lives.” Boon Chocolates (www.boonchocolates.com.au) is located at 251 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst and is Certified Mehadrin – Dairy, not Chalav Yisrael. For orders or enquiries please call 02 9356 8876.

Baby Food
The KA understands that it has been a challenging week with the announcement of Heinz deletions from our 2012 KA Product Directory - this included Baby custards, gels, fruits, fruit juices and vegetables. You have asked us why it is acceptable to use open jars and why we advised that unopened jars should not be consumed. Rabbi Gutnick explains, “Generally speaking, Halacha makes provision for avoidance of loss. The loss associated with discarding a product which has already been opened is obviously irretrievable and one can take a more lenient approach. However, a sealed product can be returned to the store and therefore is less eligible for leniency."

Fear not, we have good news on the kosher Baby Food front! In addition to the Organic Bubs range which you have told us your babies just love, the Happy Baby range is more extensive than previously thought! Firstly, there are four flavours of Organic Puffs (each with an ouv2[1].gif stamp) – greens (spinach, collard greens and kale); banana; strawberry, and apple (see image below). These are made with whole grains and are organic finger foods for babies that are sweetened with 100% fruit juice. Another addition to the range includes two varieties of HappyMunchies snacks: organic broccoli, kale and cheddar cheese, and organic cheddar cheese with carrot. These are low-sodium baked organic cheese and vegetable snacks made with whole grain corn. (Dairy, under the Chicago Rabbinical Council crc.gif hechsher, see image below).

There is a wide selection of flavours within the HappyBaby/HappyTots Pouches range that are easy-to-squeeze – these include more than a dozen options: banana, peach and mango; green beans, pear and peas; sweet potato, apple, carrot and cinnamon; apple and cherry, just for starters! Many of these flavours contain Salba, an ancient gluten-free grain that naturally contains omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, protein, calcium, iron and other vitamins and minerals. Please note HappyBaby/HappyTots must have an OU stamp on the front of the pouch. Within this range you can also find HappyBellies (see image below), enriched organic brown rice and oatmeal cereals are also kosher (crc.gif certification). These are 100% natural and offer probiotic protection offering good bacteria specially formulated to strengthen baby’s digestive system (which can protect against the development of allergies).

Spiral produce a 4-pack of organic purée cups in three flavours, apple; apple and apricot, and apple and cinnamon (our ka logoth.jpg logo appears on packaging). And we are certain your kids will love the Eden Organic Vegetable Alphabet pasta in soups this winter (okv2[1].gifPareve, see image below). These kosher products can be found at either Grandma Moses; Wholefoods House (109 Queen Street, Woollahra); Aboutlife (31-37 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction), or at the many other health food stores around town.


Here at the KA we endeavour to communicate Kashrut information in a timely and concise manner – when we know, you know. The KA represents the highest standard in Kashrut excellence and we take this position very seriously. We look forward to delivering our next edition in which we will feature a fledgling kosher catering business, new kosher products and so much more!

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