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This week, it may be cold on the East Coast with Bondi Beach seeing gale-force winds and a King tide to boot. Not so at the KA office a short walk away, here we have been busy certifying and

announcing some hot new products. We can’t wait to highlight them for you, within our 36th edition of Kosher KApers – that’s two-times-Chai!

Osnat’s Catering
Meet Osnat Marshall, a dynamic and talented kosher caterer here in Sydney. Based at the Nefesh Shul kitchen (54 Roscoe St., Bondi Beach), Osnat specialises in fleishig and pareve dishes. Osnat explains, “We have been overwhelmed by the support received – both from Rabbi Moss and also from The Kashrut Authority. We are so excited to be under the supervision of the KA - this was a real milestone for us. Along the way, when obstacles arose; Rabbi Groner found solutions each and every time. For example, he recognised that I am a proud working mother and arranged visits around my children’s schedule – we are so grateful for considerations like that!”

Osnat’s Catering is here to help – from shul functions and Kiddushim to dinners at home and any simchah you may have. The food on offer is versatile and constantly evolving (see images below). Osnat adds, “We will find a creative menu with any budget! We pride ourselves on always using fresh ingredients, making every dish from scratch - never using ready-made sauces. We love hearing from the KA about new kosher products. When we do, our small committed team unite our artistic energies to incorporate these items in new and fabulous ways! I am Israeli-born with a North African Tunisian background – we enjoy creating delicacies with a nod to this rich heritage, and at the same time, also love the traditional favourites as well.”

For more information, including a copy of her menu, kosher consumers should call Osnat on 0422 085 447 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Glick’s on Hall
The KA is so excited to feature the modern and chic Glick’s café/restaurant, conveniently located at 99 Hall Street, Bondi. This brand new eatery offers the community an array of delicious breakfast and lunch options, in addition to the famous bagels and pastries we have all come to know and love.

Manager Baruch Kluwgant is elated, “We began with an ambitious plan and to see that vision evolve into this classy café is rewarding. We have so many new menu items for customers to sample. For example, we have employed one chef to create delicious pasta salads and another to produce a high quality daily sushi selection. Our breakfast menu is also proving so popular – choose between eggs, toasted muesli with yoghurt, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes, thick shakes and so much more.”

And don’t forget the coffee! Featuring the award-winning Di Gabriel roasted coffee blends; Glick’s appeal is undoubtedly wider than the traditional Jewish clientele. In fact, the Bondi community is taking note and new visitors love the “Everything Bagel”, not to mention the crusty French and sour dough breads. You can also find a range of groceries and an elegant selection of wines. Glick’s on Hall is open Sunday to Thursday, 7am -4pm and on Friday’s from 7am – 3pm. Customers are welcome to call 02 9300 0865 with any further queries.

Newly certified kosher products
Thank you for all the lovely comments about our recent certification of Arnott’s Original and Double Coat Tim Tams, we’ve heard many funny stories about kosher consumers attempting a Tim Tam Slam – they have definitely made us smile. There is now a wider variety of kosher chips on offer across the country. The KA has certified chips from Snackbrands Australia, including all sizes of Thins Original Potato Chips; French Fries Original and the Natural Chip Company Crinkle Cut with Sea Salt.

Kosher consumers should check for a code beginning with the number ‘1’ appearing just below the Best Before Date, this indicates that the chips were made at the kosher-certified Smithfield plant. And just a couple of days ago, we were pleased to announce two new flavours of Kettle Chips: Kettle Sweet Potato Chips and Kettle Sweet Potato, White Sweet Potato and Beetroot. Please note, the warning on the packaging “May contain traces of milk and soy” is only a health warning and does not affect the Kashrut status of the above products. Available nationwide, these chips are kosher certified and pareve and do not require any code.

Flavoured Almond Milk
Recently, the KA was delighted to announce that Sanitarium Almond milk is now kosher. You requested this be investigated as it is a low-fat, lactose, gluten and cholesterol-free product and it was our pleasure to do so on your behalf. This week, with so many in the community allergic to milk protein, you have asked us if there are any kosher flavoured nut milk varieties available. We are very pleased to advise that Pacific Natural Foods produce Organic Almond Milk in Low Fat Chocolate; Vanilla, and Original and also a Hazelnut Chocolate beverage (see image below). These non-dairy drinks combine vitamins A and D and Riboflavin for added nutritional value and come in different convenient Tetra-pack sizes (the 240ml size is perfect for lunch boxes).

Each of these has the ‘Kof-K Parve’ (kof-kv2[1].gif) stamp. In fact, all soy, nut and grain beverages in this range are certified with the Kof-K hechsher. Kosher consumers can find this range at health food shops including: About Life, 31-37 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction; Wholefoods House, 109 Queen Street, Woollahra, or Bondi Discount Vitamins, 76 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction.

Finally, given the chilly conditions, instead of making a traditional slice of toast, why not try Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries, available in three flavours: Strawberry; Blueberry, and Cherry Pomegran (each with an ouv2[1].gif-D hechsher, see image below). Made with real organic fruit and with a whole grain content, these natural flavoured treats can be enjoyed anytime of the day. This new kosher product is available at About Life, Bondi Junction.


We will continue to make significant progress with the many products currently under KA investigation. And we look forward to bringing you the next edition of Kosher KApers - with more Kashrut adventures to share, guaranteed!

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