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In this edition, we have all our kosher bases covered, so to speak. This week, we highlight new kosher initiatives and products, profiling fleishig, milchig and

pareve options (yes, in that order!). Innovative and impressive, we can’t wait to share our kosher news with you …

Passion8 Catering ‘Pop Up Restaurant’
The culinary world is excited by the ‘Pop Up’ restaurant phenomenon. And we can understand why: temporary restaurants offer unique surroundings coupled with fabulous fare where anything is possible. Pop Ups are on trend and we are thrilled to advise that this is now an option for kosher consumers! Passion8 Catering is hosting Australia’s first-ever kosher ‘Pop Up’ Restaurant. Function co-ordinator, Felicia Kahn, explains, “We have chosen The Mandalay in Lane Cove (72 Burns Bay Road) as our Pop Up venue – this country residence offers diners an elegant environment with a lovely garden and intimate surroundings. We want kosher consumers to know that they are cared for and thought of – we would love them to come and enjoy this new kosher culinary experience.”

Only 20 minutes from the city, an eight-course lunch-time kosher degustation menu (Fleishig and Pareve) has been created, with the guarantee of only the freshest ingredients used coupled with authentic natural flavours. So here it is Sydney – save the date for Passion8’s refined intimate kosher dining option next month on July 15th from 12pm to 3pm. Bookings are essential – call 02 9418 8922 (ext.132) to secure your table and for a sneak peak at the magnificent menu.

Water Without
Kosher consumers have been enjoying Nudie juices for some time now. Did you know that Nudie are the creators of a new range of refreshment drinks called “Water Without”? Proudly certified by The KA (Mehadrin and Pareve) and produced in 500ml bottles, each thirst quencher contains three ingredients: water, pure fruit and Bundaberg cane sugar – no preservatives, flavourings, concentrates or colours here! This range is comprised of four delicious blends: Water Without with Cranberry & Raspberry; Lemon & Lime; Orange & Lemon and Mango & Passionfruit (see image below). Water Without is available at IGA supermarkets, Woolworth’s supermarkets nationwide and also at Thomas Dux stores.

Recently, there have been some new kosher additions to the extensive Nudie selection. In the Nudie Fresh line we now have the ‘Nothing but Apples Oranges and Mango’ and the ‘Nothing but Breakfast Juice’ available. And in the Nudie Juicie line we have the new ‘Super Nudie Breakfast Juice: Nothing but Apple, Banana, Chia Seeds and Cinnamon’ (all Certified Mehadrin and Pareve). In addition, the ever-popular Nudie Coconut Water line has expanded to include: Coconut Water Straight Up with Apple (Certified Mehadrin and Pareve). You have asked us if the young drinking coconuts sold at Coles and Woolworths in the fruit/vege section are acceptable. Our answer is yes, 100% kosher – long considered one of nature’s healthiest drinks, coconut water is fat-free and low in carbohydrates, sugar and cholesterol. We have lost count of the number of kosher consumers enjoying this tropical beverage straight out of the coconut conveniently sold at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets in the refrigerated fruit/vege section (see image below). We think this refreshing island drink transports us closer to the equator where we are basking in the hot sun (metaphorically of course!).

Macro Wholefoods
Our recent Kosher Product Directory update (click here) outlined many new kosher products now available under the Macro Wholefoods brand (all Mehadrin and Pareve, available at Woolworths; Thomas Dux; Food for Less; Fleming’s Food Stores and Safeway stores). Thank you for your positive feedback about the convenience and quality of these items – from biscuits to organic chips to dried fruit to soy milk to peanut butter – this is one extensive kosher range! You have asked us why each Macro product must be identified as kosher with a particular five-digit code on the box or package. This code simply identifies the manufacturing plant that was inspected as part of our kashrut investigation and is effectively your guarantee that when you see a particular code that we have highlighted, you can trust it is kosher. For example, you have told us you love the two kosher Macro cereals (see image below): Maple Nut Clusters (whole grains with maple syrup, almonds and hazelnuts) and Morning Balance (pepitas, cranberries, cashews and ginger). These two cereals are only kosher when featuring the code ‘84342’ below the website address on the side of the box and have been easily found in all Woolworths supermarkets in the Health food aisle.


So there you have it – new kosher products offering novel taste sensations, all waiting to be used in a myriad of ways in kosher recipes (the simple and the complex). Only to be washed down with the new Water Without range or perhaps with the latest refreshing Nudie kosher beverages. Bete’avon!

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