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Welcome to another winter edition of our e-newsletter, Kosher KApers - we hope you had a meaningful fast on Tisha B’av. Here at the KA, we always appreciate your feedback and love that you

enjoy our ongoing kosher conversation – it is our pleasure to compile and present this for you. Let’s begin!

H2coco – Pure Coconut Water
It may be cold here in Sydney but there is no doubt that the healthy and delicious secret of the tropics is well and truly out! You have told us how much you love the taste of coconut water – that refreshing beverage straight out of young, green coconuts. We are delighted to let you know that H2coco pure coconut water (see images below) is now kosher! Choose from three flavours: organic pure coconut water; pomegranate acai or pineapple coconut water – found in 330 ml Tetra-Paks.

Founder David Freeman adds, “We are so excited that our coconut water varieties are now available to kosher consumers across the nation. Coconut water is fantastic for hydration and offers incredible health and nutritional advantages including a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, health enhancing growth hormones and other phytonutrients. We want kosher consumers to know our organic coconut water is bottled at the source in the Philippines, this is important as it retains all of its amazing energising benefits!”

All current batches are kosher with the following codes: OOLBEA7864 (original flavour); OOLBEA7867 (pomegranate and acai), and OOLBEA7865 (pineapple).  The KA is so pleased that H2coco have incorporated the KA logo (ka logoth.jpg) onto their packaging - effective on shelves in approximately six weeks. This kosher product is available now in Coles supermarkets Australia-wide; IGA stores; City Supermarket convenience stores and Boost Juice Bars. Visit www.h2coconut.com for more information - use the handy Store Locator to find the closest H2coco beverage near you!


New Kosher Ciders & Perry
Cider, in all its many wonderful varieties, is enjoyed around the world and is very popular across the country. We are thrilled to now offer discerning kosher consumers a wide selection of KA-endorsed fermented, alcoholic beverages made most commonly from apples and pears. Mercury Cider (a division of the Foster’s Group) is now kosher and you now have the opportunity to sample Australia’s oldest apple cider. This cider is robust, full-bodied and is produced in three varieties (all pareve): Draught; Dry and Sweet (available in 375 ml bottles, only when the manufacturing date code ends with 11).

Another addition to our kosher cider landscape is Bulmers Original and Pear cider (also known as Perry) in 330ml and 500 ml bottles (both pareve). For the benefit of our many kosher connoisseurs, Bulmers is described as having a “clean apple character with a good weight of palate and a crisp, clean finish with noticeable astringency”. These must be Made in Australia and purchased in the 300ml or 500ml bottles only. Previously, we have had some Strongbow ciders listed and we are pleased the kosher range of Strongbow alcoholic cider has now been expanded. Known as a fresh, delicious cider with a hint of acidity, Strongbow cider offers crisp, clean refreshment. Strongbow’s clear apple and pear ciders are now available to kosher consumers around the nation in 355ml and 700ml bottles, in addition to Strongbow’s Original Cider in a can (all pareve, note: Strongbow cider in a can is certified Mehadrin). For a wider selection of kosher ciders, visit our Kosher Product Directory online at www.ka.org.au under the subsection ‘Alcoholic Drinks – Cider’ (please note, not all ciders are Mehadrin). If you are entertaining for Shabbat or chaggim, consider adding apple or pear cider to your drinks menu!

Glick’s on Hall
Did you know that this Sunday, August 5th is Free Bagel Day at Glick’s (99 Hall Street, Bondi)? Kosher consumers are welcome to visit from 8am and enjoy up to three freshly baked warm mini bagels. Glick’s manager, Baruch Kluwgant, adds “We will be giving away 1000 free mini bagels in this upcoming promotion. We are delighted to do so and invite all in the Bondi area and beyond to come on down and enjoy our famous bagels proudly baked on-site.”

Rabbi Gutnick, our rabbinic administrator, recently attended an important conference at AKO – The Association of Kashrus Organizations. AKO’s mission is to present a united voice in the world of Kashrut, serving the global Jewish community to raise and maintain the highest level of Kashrut possible. The Va’adim Conference in Toronto, Canada, focussed on Kashrut organisations that primarily impact local communities (as well as having a wider sphere of influence) such as the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc); Montreal Vaad Ha’ir (MK); Kashrut Council of Canada (COR), The Kashrut Authority (KA - that’s us!) and many more.


Rabbi Gutnick reflects, “AKO is guided by its respected executive director, Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, and this dynamic forum offered a unique opportunity for networking, sharing and learning valuable insights on halachic issues affecting every Jewish community. We witnessed the commonality of concerns in cities around the world and the collective efforts to find solutions. For example, when it comes to large events, the KA’s policy of ensuring that kosher caterers are responsible for all food (even that provided by an independent party planner) and our guidelines of insisting on kosher supervision at large venues, (rather than food drops with no supervision) definitely helps with consistency in the high standard of Kashrut we deliver. Many Kashrut agencies informed me that they would like to replicate this model. There is no doubt that every Kashrut organisation in attendance drew strength from this gathering.”

Just before we sign off, you can now add Nestlé’s Aero Bar Plain (Dairy) to your kosher chocolate list. Previously, Aero Original and Peppermint were made in the United Kingdom and were listed in our Kosher Products Directory. Now, Aero Original is made in Australia (and kosher in all sizes), however please note Aero Peppermint is no longer acceptable.

Thanks for letting us know how much you are enjoying Tempo’s new Allure Yoghurt (as profiled in our most recent edition) and you’ve made us smile with your passion for the Boulder Canyon Natural Food Kosher Chips – we are so happy they are available for your crunching and munching enjoyment. The KA Team is working daily for you and we love every minute - stay tuned for more exciting kosher news!

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