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Bonjour and welcome to our 40th edition of Kosher KApers. Spring is in the air and represents sweet new beginnings all around. Here in Sydney, we can’t wait to introduce

you to all the wonderful happenings in Kosher Land. They are vraiment formidable, truly fantastic – oui, we are thinking in French and speaking a little French. Pourquoi? Allow us to elaborate …

Patisserie Le Marais
Sydney now boasts a new kosher French boutique pastry shop, Patisserie Le Marais, guaranteed to be a delicious destination for the community (see images below). Located at 375A Old South Head Road, North Bondi, this is a wonderful addition to the kosher landscape of the Eastern Suburbs offering fabulous French fare.

Owner Joel Barda explains, “Together with my co-owner Dan Ullman, we couldn’t be more excited! I have dedicated the last 18 years to creating, baking and perfecting sweet French delicacies and we look forward to offering a wide selection of KA-certified treats. In our Dairy range (Chalav Stam) a sample of our menu includes: croissants; macarons; snails; shortbread; tarts; danish; brioche; apple turnovers; chocolate and coffee éclairs and Opera mille feuille. For those who require dairy-free options, we have lemon and raspberry tarts; lemon meringues and macarons; brownies and friands. We also have an assortment of breads including baguettes and focaccia – and please note that all milk used with our coffee machine will be Chalav Yisrael.”

Owner Dan Ullman adds, “We are so happy to have a positive relationship with the KA - Rabbi Groner and the KA team have helped ensure that our journey, culminating in our grand opening yesterday, was smooth and seamless. Here at Patisserie Le Marais, we also provide a dessert catering service, helping with any simchah you may have, from birthday parties to Bar/Bat mitzvahs to weddings. We are also here to assist with Shabbat desserts and of course, would be delighted to add an element of elegance to your table over the upcoming chaggim. We want kosher consumers to know that we are flexible and are happy to cater to unique orders, such as customised birthday and wedding cakes.”

Opening hours for Patisserie Le Marais include: Monday to Thursday from 7am to 6pm; Friday 7am to 3pm and Sunday 8am to 3pm. For more information, visit their Facebook Page ‘Patisserie Le Marais’, or via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Care Pharmaceuticals
You have communicated to us that health and wellness are top priorities in your quest to strive for living balanced lives. In this spirit, we are so pleased that three products at Care Pharmaceuticals have recently been awarded KA kosher certification. These include: FAB IRON Tablets and FAB IRON Capsules, (iron supplements) and FABFOL PLUS, a pregnancy multi-vitamin.

Managing Director, Malcolm Yesner explains, “We are so pleased to offer these proven over-the-counter products to the kosher community, addressing health and wellness needs for the whole family. From the outset, careful consideration was given to the ingredient selection process, ensuring compatibility with strict kosher guidelines. The invaluable support and assistance provided by Rabbi Groner ensured that our kosher certification journey was completed in an efficient and timely manner.”

Care Pharmaceuticals also supply the Fess range of respiratory products. This includes the Fess Nasal Spray, Fess Sensitive Noses, Children’s FESS and FESS Little Noses – non-medicated, natural saline solutions assisting with mild to moderate nasal congestion. These invaluable products are found in pharmacies across the nation. For more information, visit www.fess.com.au or www.fabhealth.com.au.

Nando’s At Home
With the catch-phrase ‘Life’s too short to be bland’, this incredible range of Nando’s sauces and marinades offer an assortment of flavours and heat-levels for the whole family (see image below). Managing Director Laurence Morris explains, “We are delighted that every single item within our Nando’s At Home range is kosher and certified Pareve by the South African Beth Din (southafricabdth.jpg). Allow me to cast the spotlight on our amazing range: our Peri-Peri sauces are the heart and soul of what makes Nando’s so delicious – from extra-extra hot (for those who love that authentic spicy experience) to mild. We also offer kosher customers our range of marinades from Port BBQ to Sweet & Sticky - enhancing the flavour of any dish. Here at Nando’s we have five cooking sauces including Curry/Coconut; Mediterranean and Wild Herb - these are easy and convenient meal solutions that do not compromise on flavour and quality. Our four table sauces are a fabulous addition to any meal: try Garlic; Pepper Steak; Portuguese Steak and Sweet Chilli Mild. Don’t forget our unique Perinaise – a blend of Peri-Peri with thick and creamy mayonnaise (Pareve).”

We know kosher consumers will find it so convenient to find the South African Beth Din logo stamped on every bottle. For a comprehensive list of Nando’s At Home availability, please click here.

Boon Chocolates - Shana Tova Boxes

Do you love refined exquisite chocolate of the highest quality? Of course! The award-winning Boon Chocolates have produced Shana Tova boxes featuring the most delicious chocolates (Dairy, not Chalav Yisrael, see image below). Three flavours have been lovingly hand-made by chocolatier Fanny Chan. These include Safra (honey caramel and saffron); Levina (apple and honey praline) and Mira (Tasmanian pepper berry and strawberry).

Co-owner Alex Chan adds, “Here at Boon, we have created a product especially for our valued kosher patrons. Our philosophy embodies the spirit of Tzedakah and our Shana Tova boxes have been designed and printed by Jewish Care’s Print 35, with a portion of each box sale going directly to Jewish Care.”

Please note that the entire range of chocolates and café menu at Boon is certified kosher (ka logoth.jpg). Boon’s Shana Tova boxes (available in two sizes: 5-piece and 16-piece) must be pre-ordered and can be collected from the Boon Chocolate shop, located at 251 Victoria Road, Darlinghurst or from My Kosher Store (www.mykosherstore.com.au).


Thank you for letting us know how much you have been enjoying the newly kosher range from Naturally Good – from the Bakehouse Choc and Coconut Cookies to the Deli Dippers, Pareve cake mixes and crisp bread. We love that you share our passion for quality kosher food and we understand how helpful it is to have options that are free from gluten; dairy; wheat and nuts. Just before we go we are delighted that our Facebook Group, ‘Kashrut Authority of Australia and New Zealand’ celebrated it first anniversary. Yes, it’s been one amazing, successful year and we thank each of our 1,115 members for their support. With the chaggim just around the corner, it’s all systems a go-go here at the KA and we look forward to keeping you informed in our next jam-packed (or should we say apple-and-honey-packed) edition.

Merci and au revoir from …

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