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Along with the whole community, we are so excited that Chanukah, our enchanting eight-day Festival of Lights begins tomorrow evening. With the end of the school year and work

calendars almost upon us, our office has been buzzing and we have so much kosher news to share this week – from the success of attending Kosherfest in New Jersey, to delicious doughnuts offered in a range of sizes and fillings.

Last month, once again, The KA was proud to showcase a variety of Australian kosher products at the world’s largest kosher trade show – Kosherfest (see images below). Held every November, Kosherfest boasts more than 8000 attendees over a two-day kosher extravaganza. This year, Boon Chocolates joined the kosher party, so to speak, and co-owner Alex Chan described the experience, “We are so grateful to Rabbi Groner and the KA - it was an amazing opportunity, just beyond words! We chose to exhibit a selected number of items from our pareve range, including our hand-made salted macadamia caramel; raspberry; coconut and caramelised almonds all dipped in our special dark chocolate. In addition, we also offered our cold, soy chocolate drink. The American response was overwhelmingly positive and this was certainly another step towards our personal and spiritual kosher journey.”

Another successful Aussie-made product showcased at the popular KA stand was Freshé Bubbles Crazy Cranberry Sparkling Juice Drink (660ml bottle). This is the first and only sparkling cranberry drink in the Australian market and was hugely popular at Kosherfest. Produced by JMB Beverages, Director, Michael Bright adds, “We were thrilled to be included at Kosherfest this year and are so happy to have KA certification. Our product has no added preservatives or artificial colours and is high in antioxidants; it is healthy and great tasting too.” In Australia, Freshé Bubbles Sparkling Cranberry is available at Woolworths nationally and selected IGA stores.

As seen in our most recent edition of Kosher KApers, the two varieties of Beloka Water: Lightly Sparkling and Naturally Still were also displayed at Kosherfest. The purity and authenticity (not to mention the exceptional taste) proved a huge drawcard for kosher buyers around the world and the unanimous conclusion was that this Australian natural mineral water was found to be incredibly impressive.

This year, in addition to the fabulous Aussie products on offer, which also included Passion8’s ‘Our Muesli’ and Solomon’s Sippets (receiving a positive response once again); the KA was delighted to feature the award-winning kosher cookbook, ‘One Egg is a Fortune’ by Pnina Jacobson and Judy Kempler (see image below). This cookbook has a global appeal; it features wonderful contributions from 50 prominent Jewish identities with biographies, personal anecdotes and recipes, highlighting the diversity of Jewish life. Authors Judy and Pnina described their experience to Kosherfest adding, “It was so exciting to represent our country at the KA’s Kosherfest stand this year. We were proud to see all the delicious Australian products showcased and the positive reactions of so many stopping by to sample and enquire. We were in awe of the incredible variety and exceptional quality of kosher food and food-related products available and from so many countries - it was a complete immersion into a kosher wonderland. We were thrilled that our book was selected as part of a showcase display at the entrance to Kosherfest. We truly thank Rabbi Groner and the KA for this opportunity.”

Rabbi Gutnick adds, “Here at the KA, we offer Australian companies the ability to access the massive US kosher market and establish a presence in the United States and around the Jewish world. Kosherfest 2012 has been a huge success and is an extraordinary annual opportunity to come together, network with the respected heads of Kashrut organisations and share insights in the many and varied facets of Kashrut. Essentially, our presence at Kosherfest and our active contribution cements the KA’s position on the world stage. Every Australian item showcased was a product of excellence and is a credit to everybody involved.”


This time of year is undoubtedly miraculous and a moment of pride and reflection … oh wait – it’s also a time of sampling delectable kosher treats available but once a year! This is the first Chanukah for Patisserie Le Marais and so many of you have told us how excited you are to taste their Chanukah fare (see images below). Co-owner Dan Ullman adds, “We have on offer three types of pareve doughnuts: Jam-filled (regular and bite-size); chocolate covered and filled and also chocolate covered with a caramel filling. To ensure availability, it is preferable for kosher consumers to place their orders with us on 0434 190 833.”

This will also be the first Chanukah for the bakery within Romeo’s Supa IGA, St. Ives. Bakery manager, Yossi Barukh adds, “We are so pleased to offer the kosher community here in the upper North Shore jam-filled doughnuts in two sizes in addition to chocolate and pink iced doughnuts. We invite all to come along and sample our Chanukah selection.”

Glicks Cakes & Bagels (Bondi Road and Hall Street) will again be offering delicious iced doughnuts in five flavours and two sizes: chocolate; caramel; coffee; strawberry and tropical. In addition, Glicks also offer vanilla custard doughnuts, cinnamon rings and freshly fried latkes as well. Glicks manager, Baruch Kluwgant, adds, “This year, in selected Coles, Woolworths and Franklins-IGA supermarkets in the Eastern Suburbs, kosher consumers can also helpfully find Glicks six-packs of jam doughnuts – Chag Sameach!”

Laurence Hoffman from Grandma Moses advises, “Last year we introduced our fat-free doughnuts for health conscious kosher consumers in three varieties: cream (pareve), chocolate and jam. The communal response was incredibly positive and we are offering the same again this year, in addition to our traditional favourites: jam (two sizes); chocolate and strawberry iced doughnuts and we are also selling cream and vanilla custard filled doughnuts. For those who feel like a savoury Chanukah treat, we sell potato latkes as well.”

We would like to remind the community that the mitzvah of lighting the Chanukah lights is time-bound and the candles must be lit not earlier than one-and-a-quarter hours before sunset. Therefore, in order to fulfil the mitzvah in Sydney the very earliest time that Chanukah lights can be lit is approximately 6.35pm. The candles should burn at least until a half hour after nightfall. Therefore, if you have small children - and they need to go to bed early - Chanukah lighting can be the last thing they do before going to sleep ensuring that the lighting takes place at the right time.

Dear friends, we’ve had such fun sharing our Kosherfest and Chanukah news with you this week. We wish you a Chanukah Sameach and reflect on an incredible year of tremendous kosher achievements. We now have almost 1200 Facebook members with whom we connect on a daily basis, we have enjoyed communicating with you via our many and varied channels, most recently, our handy new iPhone App. KA iKosher. We wish you a safe and happy summer here in stunning Sydney and can’t wait to bring you more editions of Kosher KApers, our conversational, yet informative e-newsletter. Thank you for your support and for your feedback at how enjoyable you find these insights into what’s new in Kosher Land. We feel very privileged to work with you and for you.

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