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We can’t believe the chag of Shavuot is almost here! It seems like one minute ago we were preparing for Purim and half a minute ago we were doing all that we could in our collective preparation for Pesach …

and here we are. At this important marker in the Jewish calendar, we reflect on the moment Hashem gave the Torah to the Jewish People at Mount Sinai. There are many customs linked with this fabulous festival, including the consumption of dairy products such as milk and cheese. We have been looking forward to compiling this Shavuot edition of Kosher KApers - we hope you enjoy!

Before we talk about all-things-dairy, we are so excited to let you know about Frubi, a newly certified company that we welcome into our KA family (see images below). Frubi organic whole fruit iceblocks are kosher and they are fabulous for kids (and adults) alike. Here’s the thing: these wholesome frozen treats use only certified organic fresh fruit and do not contain all the nasty ingredients we try and avoid: think chemicals; additives; preservatives; enhancers, colourants – you get the drift! Instead, Frubi offers locally grown organic fruit that is pressed and puréed to create this nourishing snack.

It is important to note that there are six flavours in the range and only four are kosher. These include: ‘Mango Mango Frubi’, each containing one whole Australian mango; ‘Absolutely Apple Frubi’ comprising of two apples; ‘Legitimately Lemon Frubi’, featuring one whole pressed Australian lemon, and finally ‘Actually Orange Frubi’ replete with one-two whole pressed Australian oranges in each treat.

Frubi is owned by two passionate and hard-working Aussie families. Co-owner Gary Revell explains, “Our philosophy is simple: we began wanting something better for our children and certainly recognised a gap in the ice confectionary market! Frubi represents so many positive things and in this vein we are a carbon conscious business, endeavouring to minimise food miles. We are proud to inform kosher consumers that our lemons are sourced from an organic farm just outside of Byron Bay; mangoes from Bowen in Queensland; oranges from South Australia and our apples are sourced here in New South Wales. One other thing we have found time and time again: kids that espouse their distaste for fruit … seem to just love Frubi!”

As kosher Frubi products become more widely available, we will advise of different shop locations around town. In the meanwhile, kosher consumers are welcome to purchase directly from Frubi - simply contact Gary Revell on 0414 775 314. Finally, we think it’s fantastic that Frubi can be shipped anywhere across the country, so wherever you are keeping kosher … this can be sent your way! Visit www.frubi.com.au for more information or on Facebook search ‘Frubi Organic Whole Fruit Iceblocks’.

Simcha Kosher Hire
When it comes to hosting a simcha, Melvin Miller, owner of Simcha Kosher Hire, wants to make your life easier – and with that mission alone, it is worth examining this new initiative in our community! Simcha Kosher Hire works strictly with The Kashrut Authority to ensure that milchig and fleishig cutlery and crockery are one hundred per cent kosher. Equally important is that the drop off/pick up process ensures strict kashrut standards are maintained at all times. Melvin explains, “We are able to provide kosher stainless steel cutlery and elegant crockery for an event up to a maximum of 300 people. We know that sometimes you may have hired a gorgeous venue and eating with disposable cutlery and plates is not ideal. Here at Simcha Kosher Hire, we have a full range available including glasses. We aim to be helpful and often drop off and collect on the same day.” It is advisable to give at least one week’s notice, to place an order call Simcha Kosher Hire on 0412 251 076.

Shavuot Treats
This year, Glick’s, located at 99 Hall Street, Bondi, have a wonderful selection of dairy delights (all Chalav Yisrael). You have told us how much you enjoy the vanilla slices and éclairs, we agree! If you love all-things-cheesey, then look no further – Glick’s are offering cheese blintzes; cheese muffins and cheese Danish. And of course, the pièce de rèsistance has to be their delicious cheese cake in four flavours: plain; chocolate; blueberry and caramel - these can be purchased in round or log form. For the first time, Glick’s are excited to offer the community tasty vegetarian lasagne in two sizes. To place your orders, call 02 9300 8865 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Oh là là! There is a superb dairy selection at Patisserie Le Marais (375A Old South Head Road, North Bondi) that awaits kosher consumers this Shavuot (not Chalav Yisrael). When it comes to cheesecake, Joel Barda explains, “We are so excited to showcase our cheesecake this year, if customers walk into our shop and wish to purchase cheesecake, we welcome them and will have plain cheesecake available. If patrons prefer a flavoured cheesecake … (raspberry; blueberry and chocolate) … then it is best to place an order in advance.” In addition, the sweet dairy delights available include: croissants; mille feuille; baklava and brownies. And as for the cheese blintzes, they come with either a raspberry or blueberry compote – you decide! If you are looking for savoury (think Yom Tov meal), then look no further than the quality quiches offered in four flavours: corn and tomato; leek; spinach and onion. All orders must be placed by Friday at 12pm, call 0434 190 833 or
0406 027 194.

Grandma Moses (513 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay) consistently provides a wonderful selection of kosher products for the community. And this year for Shavuot is no different: there are blintzes and vegetarian lasagne - both Chalav Yisrael. For those who may be dairy intolerant or simply prefer a pareve option, you can buy a pareve cheese cake (so good you will truly think it is dairy!) or perhaps sample their pareve cheese pockets. And there is also a convenient and delicious option for kosher consumers in the Upper North Shore. At Romeo’s Supa IGA, located at Shop 140, St. Ives Village Shopping Centre, Bakery Manager, Yossi Barukh, advises, “We will also have delicious cheese cakes, cheese blintzes and a fresh range of salads available.”

Are you expecting guests this chag and realise that time is not on your side when it comes to preparation? If you are quietly nodding your head then consider the Shavuot Special by Passion8 Catering. Serving six to eight people and offering three courses, choose between slow roasted whole ocean trout fillet or spinach lasagne; enjoy Passion8’s signature cheese blintzes and more. If you prefer the above made with Chalav Yisrael, this can be supplied on request. To order, call 02 9418 8922 (ext. 109 or 101) or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . The closing date for placing orders is Friday May 10th at12pm. All sounds so delicious and convenient!


And there you have it – fabulous Frubi organic iceblocks; convenient options when hiring kosher milchig and fleishig crockery and cutlery & finally, Shavuot in Sydney in all its’ splendour. Chag Sameach!

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