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Due to the recent surge in the availability and usage of kosher services, The Kashrut Authority has an urgent need for competent and knowledgeable Mashgichim. 

We are seeking applications from male and female members of the community over the age of 18 years, and who are shomer Shabbat and shomer Mitzvot. Full training is provided at no cost, and successful applicants can be earning good money within a few weeks of applying.

It is an ideal opportunity for students wishing to supplement their income, retirees looking for interesting and worthwhile ways to fill the days, and for anyone wanting to fill spare time, particularly on Shabbat and Sundays.

The KA can offer casual employment from a few hours a week to almost as many hours as you may wish to work. There are positions for both working and non-working Mashgichim.

In the first instance call Mrs Girgee Barukh at The KA office on 02-9365-2933.

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