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Please read the following carefully:

1. This section deals with food items and other products which may be used on Pesach. Pesach is a time when even the most remote possibility of a questionable ingredient should be avoided. As even simple items such as table salt, instant tea and fruit juices have been found to contain actual chametz, preference should always be given to products with recognised rabbinic endorsement. Therefore it is customary, where possible to buy only products made under full rabbinic supervision.

2. Due to the many additives and the sophisticated production techniques used in today’s food industry, no processed food item, no matter how simple, should be used unless there is at least some kashrut investigation or supervision. All items must have at least a thorough preliminary investigation of ingredients and manufacturing techniques before they can be used. Many items can only be used if changes in ingredients or production techniques are made. Such items will then need full time supervision and may not be used without reliable endorsement. Other simple items, once they have been found to be free of restricted ingredients, may be used without any further supervision. These items do not have full-time supervision, but thorough investigation indicates that they are acceptable for Pesach use if purchased in sealed packs. However, in order to eliminate even the remote possibility of even a minute amount of chametz which on Pesach itself cannot be nullified, all these products should be purchased before Pesach begins.

3. A wide range of local and imported products are produced under rabbinic supervision from other communities. The Kashrut Authority neither investigates nor necessarily endorses any such products. However only items with a “Kosher for Pesach” sign which also bears the name or symbol of the supervising authority printed on the package or tin should be used as proof of acceptability for Pesach. Past experience has shown that stickers bearing the words “Kosher for Passover” have been placed on articles which contain actual chametz. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all articles purchased are indeed properly endorsed by a reliable authority. One should not rely on the shopkeepers however well intentioned they may be. Similarly Pesach sections in Supermarkets such as Coles or Woolworths etc may have chametz items inadvertantly place in them. “Buyers Beware”

4. Some rabbinic authorities rely on leniencies not universally accepted in regard to Kitniyot, Shemittah and other areas of halachah.

5. Ashkenazim customarily do not eat Kitniyot during Pesach due to its similarity to Chametz. This includes rice, corn, legumes - beans, peas and peanuts. One must therefore carefully read all food labels to ensure that the product does not contain Kitniyot. (This custom is not widely practised among Sephardim - consult your rabbi). The Kashrut Authority recommends the Pesach supervision of the overseas rabbinic bodies as listed on page 3 and their products are used at all Kashrut Authority establishments. Regarding other rabbinic endorsements please check with The Kashrut Authority.

6. The Kashrut Authority has supervised production of a number of Passover items and they are so identified. Supervised products bear the KA Kosher L’Pesach seal.

7. Matzah and matzah-meal are produced by many firms for year- round use and are not always kosher for Pesach. Please ensure that any matzah products used for Pesach bear a reliable rabbinic “Kosher for Pesach” endorsement, without which they must not be used on Pesach.


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