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Kashrut services in Sydney continue to improve, and the increase in products available to the kosher consumer has grown substantially in the last few years with many hundreds of additional products now included in the kosher products directory, and on the supermarket shelves.

This growth in new products and the compilation of this new website is, in no small way, due to the extraordinary efforts of a relatively small group of people including Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, Rabbi Aaron Groner, Reverend Chaoul Samra, Mrs Girgee Barukh and Mrs Lorraine Revelman. We also thank the kosher caterers who have provided the wonderful photographs.
A grosse yasher ko’ach to Simon Foster and Ronnen Moses who are jointly responsible for the fabulous new Web Site and online Kosher Product Directory. You will find a great new search tool to make finding that elusive product a breeze, using the product category, the specific product or the brand name. As was the case with the previous web site, this new site is downloadable to any “Palm”™, “Dopod”™ or “Windows Mobile”™ device and instructions for this can be obtained from the KA office.
We are very well served by eleven kosher eateries, where one can partake of anything from a full meal to a quick coffee and cake, or grab something to have “on the run“. Add to these eateries the bakeries, delis, kosher supermarkets, two kosher butcheries and the caterers, and there is little to stop any Sydney resident from keeping kosher. The KA thanks them for their efforts and their perseverance in allowing us all the luxury of eating out, and shopping at a variety of kosher establishments covering many and varied styles of food. It is incumbent upon the community to ensure the survival of these businesses by supporting them as much as possible. Too many have failed because they didn’t get sufficient support from us, the kosher consumers.
One of the best parts of the new KA website is that it continues to be accessible, at no cost, to anyone with a computer anywhere in the world, unlike most other kashrut authority websites around the world, and closer to home. Email subscriptions will be free as well and all subscriptions can be applied for on the website.
The Kashrut Authority is a member of The Association of Kashrut Organisations (AKO). The ‘Diamond KA” logo is respected around the world and we continue to represent kashrut authorities from all parts of the Jewish world, supervising products in the Australasian, Asian and South Pacific regions on behalf of these overseas authorities.
We at The Kashrut Authority hope you find this new website as exciting and as helpful as we have worked hard to make it.
Kol touv,
Baron M Revelman

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