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Fresh raw vegetables are kosher but should always be thoroughly checked for worms and insects. Due to the many additional laws pertaining to Israeli grown fruits and vegetables, only those imported Israeli products bearing a recognised Rabbinic Hechsher should be used. Asparagus - see special notes. Peeled garlic is NOT ACCEPTABLE.


All plain uncooked frozen vegetables including chopped onions can be treated as acceptable and pareve. They must not contain either sauces or other additives. Pre - cooked, ready to eat frozen vegetables are NOT ACCEPTABLE. All cut and frozen potato chips or potato french fries are NOT ACCEPTABLE unless specifically listed or bearing a reliable hechsher. They are par-cooked or prepared with oils that are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Plain potatoes in a vegetable mix are acceptable provided oil is not listed as an ingredient. Only chopped frozen spinach may be considered acceptable. Whole frozen spinach leaves may not be used due to the inevitability of insect infestation.
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