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BEER, LIQUEUR, SPIRITS AND WINE. GENERAL HEALTH WARNING: Drinking and driving is dangerous, illegal and against Halacha. Please be sure that your blood alcohol level is under 0.05 before driving. "P" platers may not drink at all before driving. Please always drink only in moderation. Do not hesitate to contact your medical practitioner if you have a problem with over drinking or if you know someone who does. Your medical practitioner will treat all approaches with confidentiality. It is a parent's responsibility to ensure that children under age are prevented from having access to alcoholic beverages. Underage drinking and binge drinking are real problems in the adolescent community. Parents should take an active role in educating their children in relation to drinking and should not hesitate to seek help from their medical practitioner or school authorities. Pregnant women should not consume alcohol - although a sip of wine for Kiddush will cause no harm. It is erroneous to suggest that intoxication or drinking to excess are either permitted or encouraged on Shabbat or Chagim, especially for adolescents - indeed Rabbinic authorities forbid such drinking. It is appropriate for Synagogues or youth groups to impose appropriate controls over alcoholic beverages in order to prevent alcohol abuse, especially among adolescents, in their communities. See further www.thinkbeforeyoudrink.com.au or www.alcohol.gov.au Alcoholic drinks from New Zealand must be presumed Dairy unless stated otherwise.


Brandy requires Rabbinic supervision
CP777 Brandy De LuxeONLY when bearing Chug Chatham Sofer Hechsher
CPBrandyONLY when bearing Badatz Eda Hachareidis of Jerusalem Logo
ONLY when bearing OU Logo
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