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All meat and smallgoods must be produced under strict Rabbinical supervision. Butcher shops licensed by The Kashrut Authority produce all their meat products under the exclusive supervision of the Authority. All meat sold from these shops is porged from forbidden veins and forbidden fats, and is soaked and salted in accordance with Jewish Law. If Kosher consumers wish to purchase unkashered meat, they must request this specifically from the Mashgiach (supervisor). Warning: Please note that egg yolks, livers and brains are NOT kashered at the shop unless by special request. They must be kashered at home on the day of purchase. Egg yolks must be peeled, soaked for half an hour, salted and then placed on a perforated board for one hour and rinsed three times. Brains must be kashered with the same procedure. Livers must be kashered by grilling. They are rinsed, sprinkled lightly with coarse salt and then placed on a perforated rack or grate and grilled either over or under an open flame or electric element so that the blood can flow away freely. The kashering rack may only be used for kashering and not for anything else. After grilling, the livers must be rinsed again. If the above kashering does not take place, the eggs, brains and livers are not Kosher and may not be used. These details are brief and a competent Rabbi or The Authority should be consulted for further advice. All meat sold in Kashrut Authority supervised butcher shops is either kashered within 72 hours of shechita or soaked for half an hour within 72 hours of shechita.
CFFull Service Butchery17 O'Brien Street, Bondi. PH: +612 9365 4904
CFPackaged PoultryAvailable at selected Supermarkets - Coles - Bondi Junction, Lindfield, Pagewood, Edgecliff, Maroubra, Chatswood Chase & Rose Bay North. Franklins - St. Ives & Rose Bay. Woolworths - St. Ives, Double Bay & Bondi Junction. Coles Manuka - Canberra. ONLY when bearing KA seals.
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