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While normally The Kashrut Authority will not endorse products on the basis of ingredient labels, the nature of soft drinks and our experience with them is such that all brands of carbonated/ uncarbonated soft drinks - diet or otherwise may be considered acceptable provided the following conditions are met: 1, They do not contain grape juice, grape juice flavour, Colour 120 (cochineal or carmine), Colour 163 (anthocyanins - although some authorities permit it), Glycerol, Glycerin, Emulsifiers including 471 through 479. The sweetening agent is not fructose (fruit sugar) as this may be grape derived. 'Health' and 'Sports' drinks usually contain amino acids or other protein derivatives that may come from animal sources. Those containing ingredients with the suffix -anime or -ine should not be used unless with a reliable hechsher or unless listed here. However, if the only additional ingredients to regular soft drinks in a health drink are sucrose, dextrose, dextrin, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, or various phosphates, the product is acceptable. It is the view of The Kashrut Authority that in Australia, soft drinks fulfilling the above criteria can be considered Kosher lechatchilla. See in greater detail 'Kashrut Standards Today and General Notes'. All products listed have been individually investigated.


CPFierce Blue Bolt
CPFierce Grape
CPFierce Green Apple
CPFierce Strawberry
CPPerform Berry Chill
CPPerform Lemon Lime
CPPerform Orange Ice
CPPerform Tropical
CPPerform Watermelon Chill
CPReady to Use Apple Blackcurrant Electrolyte Solution
CPReady to Use Lemonade Electrolyte Solution
CPReady to Use Orange Flavoured Electrolyte Solution
CPReady to Use Strawberry Kiwi Flavoured Electrolyte Solution
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