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Natural Still Mineral Waters (unflavoured only), Product of Australia, are produced Chametz - free but should be purchased before Pesach. We have approved carbonated mineral waters and soda waters in the past, production methods for the manufacture of commercial carbon di-oxide has changed. Carbon di-oxide is now manufactured as a bi-product of the growing ethanol industry including ethanol produced from wheat. While there is one authority that still permits carbon di-oxide made from chametz the vast majority do not. As such The KA recommends that only carbonated drinks where the source of Carbon Di-oxide has been verified as chametz free should be used. SODA STREAM - The soda stream machine has to be thoroughly cleaned and boiling water must be poured over those parts that come in contact with the beverage.
Has been produced with carbon dioxide specially obtained from a non-chametz source, It is freely available in stores and supermarkets
PLightly Sparkling
PNaturally Still
PPure Australian Mountain Spring WaterONLY when bearing Diamond KA Logo with KLP
ONLY when bearing OUp Logo
PMineral WaterONLY when bearing OUp Logo
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