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During the milling and refining of sugar, various ingredients are used that may be chametz. These are filtered out during the final refining of the sugar and therefore halachically the sugar remains permissible. However sugar may be packed on the same lines as actual chametz. Warning: Pure Icing Sugar and Icing Sugar Mixture may contain actual chametz and may not be used for Pesach.
The Kashrut Authority has supervised the production of special batches of sugar bearing the following batch numbers on the closing flap. It contains ONLY Kosher Le Pesach ingredients and is Kosher for Pesach Le-Mehadrin and relies on no leniencies. If supervisied sugar is unavailable then the leniency may be used and any white sugar or caster sugar may be used. All sugar must be purchased before Pesach.
PSunshine Caster Sugar - 25 kg retail sizes#14329
PSunshine Refined White Sugar - 25kg bags#13311 & #14329
PSunshine White Sugar - 1 kg retail sizes#14330
PSunshine White Sugar - 2 kg retail sizes#13311 & #14329
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