Pesach List


Many alcoholic beverages acceptable through the year contain chametz and may not be used. This includes Beer, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Liqueurs, Flavoured Drinks, Spirits and Wine Based Drinks. Alcoholic drinks which are kosher certified may still contain non-acceptable ingredients for Pesach. All alcoholic beverages must bear a kosher symbol specifically indicating that the product is "Kosher for Passover". Do not rely on shop keepers however well intentioned they may be. A range of Kosher for Passover alcoholic beverages are available from Gefen Liquor - Ph: 02 9130 1933 Glick's on Hall - Ph: 02 9300 8865 Goulburn Wines & Spirits - Ph: 02 9264 8459 Krinsky's Kosher Supermarket - Ph: 02 9386 9021 The following wines have been produced under the strict supervision of The Kashrut Authority and are kosher for Pesach Lemehadrin. Please note non-mevushal wines should be opened, poured and served by a Jewish person in order to retain its kosher status.
PAll varietiesMevushal
PAll varietiesMevushal
PAziza's Chardonnay 2011 - Preservative FreeNon Mevushal
PAziza's Chardonnay 2013 - Preservative FreeNon Mevushal
PAziza's Chardonnay 2014Non Mevushal
PAziza's Chardonnay 2016Non Mevushal
PAziza's Rose 2016Non Mevushal
PAziza's Semillon 2015Non Mevushal
PAziza's Semillon 2016Non Mevushal
PAziza's Shiraz 2015
PAziza's Shiraz 2016Non Mevushal
PCabernet Merlot 2010Mevushal
PChardonnay 2012Mevushal
PHark Angel Semilon 2015Non Mevushal
PHark Angel Shiraz 2015Non Mevushal
PHarkamtage 2014
PHarkham River Burgundee 2013
PHarkham River Chardonnay 2012
PHarkham Select Shiraz 2010Non Mevushal
PLulu's Shiraz 2013 - Preservative free
PLuminous Chardonnay 2011
POld Vine Shiraz 2011Non Mevushal
PPrimeur Shiraz 2016Non Mevushal
PReserve Shiraz 2009Non Mevushal
PRose Nouveau 2011Non Mevushal
PShiraz 2012Mevushal
PShiraz 2014Mevushal
PShiraz Nouveau 2011Non Mevushal
PAll varietiesMevushal
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