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Parents of babies on special medically supervised diets, which contain chametz, must contact their rabbi for directions. Most chametz articles have substitutes which are acceptable for Pesach, and most healthy babies can even thrive on a Pesach diet. Almost all manufactured baby foods contain chametz in one form or another and should only be used when bearing rabbinic supervision. When the doctor instructs that a baby must be fed a particular kind of food, the practice not to use rice or leguminous vegetables is suspended. A rabbi should be consulted. The list below outlines acceptable baby foods for Pesach. If rice and the other restricted vegetables are used they should be served in separate utensils kept only for the baby. These utensils should be washed in a sink not used for Pesach utensils. See below for a guide to feeding infants during Pesach. If a child is on a special formula, please consult your Rabbi or the KA for advice. Special care should be taken in regards to “corn starch” baby powder as it may be actual “wheat starch” and actual chametz. Only maize corn starch baby powder is acceptable (Kitniyot). In general all “lotion or cream” products not fit for human consumption are permitted to be used on Pesach, even if containing chametz . The KA has investigated the following baby formulae. When the baby cannot tolerate any other Pesach suitable formulae the following may be used. Utensils should be kept separate from any other Pesach utensils. If anyone needs to use a particular baby formula they should contact Rabbi Gutnick on
DNurture 1 Original Infant Formula (from birth)
DNurture 2 Original Follow-On Formula 2
DNurture Gold +1
DNurture Gold Plus Follow-on Formula 2
PNeocate Active
PNeocate Advance
PNeocate LCP
PNeocate Spoon
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