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It is customary not to eat rice, maize (sweet corn) and leguminous (pulse) vegetables such as all beans and peas (including string beans) because of their similarity to the five grains (wheat, barley, oats, rye and spelt) which are actual chametz. These are called “KITNIYOT” (This custom is not widely practised amongst Sephardim - ask your rabbi for guidance. See Kitniyot section). Fresh raw vegetables must be thoroughly checked for insects.


Rabbi Amar the chief Rabbi of Israel permits Quinoa for Ashkenazim under the following conditions. 1. It should be checked three times for foreign grains. 2. While he considers that m’ikar hadin it is not Kitniyot a process called “Chalita” should be employed - ie the quinoa should be dropped into boiling water and cooked in that manner. “Chalita” is a method that was once used to prevent grain or flour from becoming chametz and helps to obviate the issues surrounding kitniyot. While some authorities do not permit quinoa, never-the-less The KA is of the view that the view of the Chief Rabbi may be relied upon. Any Quinoa with an OU-P or Star K-P or any other reliable hechsher can be used without performing the above chalita.
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