Pesach List


Of course all raw vegetables contain no chametz. However it is customary not to eat rice, maize (sweet corn) and leguminous (pulse) vegetables such as all beans and peas (including string beans) because of their similarity to the five grains (wheat, barley, oats, rye and spelt) which are actual chametz. These are called “KITNIYOT” (This custom is not widely practised amongst Sephardim - ask your rabbi for guidance. See Kitniyot section). Fresh raw vegetables must be thoroughly checked for insects. Many companies provide cut and peeled vegetables or washed salad vegetables. These should not be used without reliable investigation as potentially chametz anti-oxidants such as citric acid are often added to the wash water. Preservatives such as sodium metabisulphate are kosher for Pesach.


Quinoa is subject to significant Halachic debate. Some authorities opine that Quinoa is not kitniyot at all. Others maintain that even if it is not kitniyot there is a common practice to cover harvested Quinoa with barley that may be chametz. This is a serious concern and as such we can now only recommend Quinoa that comes with a reliable kosher for Pesach certification such as an OUp or Star-K p or any other reliable hechsher can be used. We do not consider Quinoa kitniyot but be must come with reliable supervision.
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