Pesach List


GENERAL NOTE: READ CAREFULLY Many cosmetics and toiletries, particularly liquids, contain perfumes and other ingredients manufactured from chametz grain derivatives, which are chametz. In general, all talcum, baby, face and foot powders, eye shadow, hand lotions, cold cream, eye liner, mascara, blush and rouge, and similar “solid" or "lotion" or "cream” products that are not fit for human consumption are permitted to be used on Pesach, even if containing chametz. However one must be certain that they are not fit for human consumption. They do not have to be unfit for animal consumption.. Perfumes and liquids such as cologne, hair spray, deodorants, etc., usually contain alcohol, which is usually chametz and may indeed be edible. Therefore unless the inedibility of the final product can be determined they may not be used. Special care should be taken in regards to “corn starch” powder as it may be actual “wheat corn starch” and actual chametz. Only maize corn starch powder is acceptable (Kitniyot). Many people have the custom not to rely on the inedibility of a product and use only products that contain no chametz whatsoever. The following groupings list such products that according to information provided by the manufacturers are found to be chametz free (whether inedible or not).


All products are accepable
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