Kosher KApers Volume 17

Thursday July 7, 2011

Well, it has been a week of questions and we see that as hugely positive! We welcome your queries and really appreciate that you are taking time out of your busy day to explore the wonderful world of kashrut.

We are so passionate about all-things-kosher and it really is our pleasure to research on your behalf and report back. With each kashrut question answered, we hope it builds slowly and steadily, one matzah ball at a time, so to speak, always striving to reach our goal of: “keeping kosher made easy”.

Kosher Food Drops on Fast Days
We love that the Australian Jewish community celebrate so many smachot – a big, collective mazel tov to you all. The first question we would like to address in this edition of Kosher KApers, refers to whether or not kosher caterers are allowed to deliver food on a fast day? The answer is: yes! Food drops are permitted on fast days (all except Yom Kippur, and customarily not until after midday on Tisha B’av). The Shulchan Aruch states that there is no prohibition of handling food on a fast day; kosher food may be intended for those who are not able to fast, or for a function beginning after nightfall, that is, after the fast concludes. Of course, very soon after the fast ends, you can heartily eat a sumptuous meal.

Bakers Biscuits
Featured at the top of our ‘Biscuits’ subsection within the 2011 KA Kosher Directory, is the large selection of milchig Bakers biscuits from South Africa, certified by the Johannesburg Beth Din. As of recently, Bakers biscuits now feature the hechsher on the packaging (always helpful), they are kosher and pat palter (this literally translates as ‘bread of a baker’, it is simply an indication that although kosher, there was no Jewish involvement in the baking process).

You have asked us to double check the kashrut status of three varieties within the extensive Bakers biscuit range: Boudoir, Boudoir – Cappuccino, and Boudoir - Strawberry Milkshake. These three flavours are now imported and are no longer deemed kosher by the Kashrut Division of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues (UOS) in South Africa. Here in Australia, we still have two dozen biscuit varieties available that are kosher. Still plenty to choose from when sitting down to your well deserved cup of tea.

Decaffeinated Tea
So sitting with your lovely Bakers biscuits (not Boudoir of course …) you wanted a clarification on the kashrut status of decaffeinated tea. The answer is: boil that kettle, it is absolutely fine! It states in our 2011 KA Kosher Directory, that “all brands of tea bags are acceptable provided that no additives are listed in the ingredients”. This applies to decaffeinated varieties as well. For example, Lipton produces Quality Decaffeinated Tea, with the sole ingredient: “decaffeinated black tea”. The KA Team says it’s A-OK! smiley.jpg

Chicken Booster – R. Solomon & Co.
It’s cold, it’s winter, and it’s time for some soup salvation! You have asked us where you can purchase a couple of Solomon’s stock products. Firstly, for your reference, a clarification: Solomon’s Natural Vegetable Stock is only available in a catering size and therefore not obtainable in local kosher retail outlets. However, Solomon’s soup enhancer, the ever-popular Chicken Booster, is, no pun intended, ‘stocked’ at all kosher outlets, and both Franklins and Coles supermarkets. With no added MSG, this impressive pareve product is available in a 400gm size and will no doubt add to the depth and deliciousness of your soup du jour. And what better way to garnish, than with a generous sprinkling of Solomon’s Sippets (please note: only when bearing our Diamond KA logo). ka logoth.jpg

The Kosher School
We wanted to let you in on a dynamic joint initiative run by the KA and Our Big Kitchen (OBK). With the simple mission of educating the community about keeping kosher – where better to begin than with our most precious members: our children! (See images below). Yes, all classes in Moriah’s Year 8 (that’s over 150 students) attended the pilot educational program run by our very own Rabbi Groner, along with three dedicated students from the Yeshiva Gedola Rabbinical College and OBK’s general manager, Rebecca Jacobs. “We thank Moriah for proactively kick-starting our program. The kids had a ball donning their chef hats and aprons and actively participated in a series of hands-on interactive kosher workshops about the fundamentals of kosher food preparation – from checking eggs, to identifying kosher fish to the kashrut laws surrounding vegetables,” Rabbi Groner said.

“As well as the active nature of this experience, it was gratifying to see Moriah students at one station, diligently using the KA’s Kosher Directory as a resource in determining the kashrut status of various products,” he continued.

David Klahr, Deputy Head of Jewish Life and Learning (Moriah’s Middle School), added, “The opportunity to attend The Kosher School was a perfect complement to the kashrut component of our Year 8 Jewish Studies curriculum. Rabbi Groner was inspirational. He engaged our students from the minute they arrived to the minute they left, each station ran smoothly and he interacted directly at their level. In short, this joint KA/OBK project was an absolute success!” Echoing David’s sentiments, Rebecca Jacobs of OBK reflected, “it’s so exciting to see education about kashrut come to life in this practical and fun way here at OBK.”

Please note, if you are involved with a group who would like to go back to school for a day – Kosher School that is – or if you think your children’s school would like to experience this fun and educational kosher learning environment, please contact our KA office on 9365 2933, Rabbi Groner at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Rebecca Jacobs at OBK on 0404 460 460.

Finally, thanks for letting us know how much you enjoyed our previous ‘Wellness’ issue. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to include all the latest kosher news and views in each edition of Kosher KApers.

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