Kosher KAper Volume 21

Friday September 2, 2011

Kosher KApers really has come of age and here we are celebrating our twenty-first edition! Perhaps we should order one of those Serendipity ice cream cakes recently featured – very tempting! smiley.jpg

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Savion has certainly stood the test of time! Open for almost 30 years and conveniently located at their iconic corner restaurant (Shop 1, 38 Wairoa Avenue, North Bondi) there are genuine reasons why loyal customers keep coming back. Let’s see: the food is fresh each and every day; it’s great value for money; baked daily, the perfect pita alone is worth a trip. Oh and by the way, the icing on the cake – or should we say, the Israeli pickles perched upon the pita - are always served by warm, friendly faces.

You may think that Savion only offers Israeli cuisine – and granted their falafel, with no artificial colours, additives or preservatives, is exceptional - yet that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. The range of new products available in-store reflects that diversity: spring rolls; curry puffs; fish cakes; fish fingers; latkes; salmon patties; Singapore noodles; Pad Thai, and fried rice – an impressive selection by any measure.

Co-owner Eli Toledano elaborates, “I regard the entire KA Team as my friends. Here at Savion we are proud to be able to cater not only to the individual customer, we also have the capacity to seat 40-50 guests for any simchah you like – we do them all! Sheva brachot, birthday parties, you name it - we offer a varied and detailed menu. If you have a large family, our broad, expansive tables are ideal!”

Indeed, Savion has a real neshamah – did you know that for the last 15 years, Savion has quietly donated food every Friday so those less fortunate, those who may not have anywhere to go for a Shabbat meal, may enjoy delicious food. This is clearly a wonderful example of chessed in our community. If you happen to have a simchah at another location, Savion has delivery options available. Call Eli on 0416 100 027 or phone the shop directly on 02 9130 6357. We can’t forget the outstanding Savion dips available in-store and found in supermarkets across this Great Southern Land of ours. Aussies love Savion, kosher consumers love Savion, Aussie kosher consumers love Savion. Let’s face it – it is one big Savion simchah day in, day out!

ricebranoil.jpgAlpha One Rice Bran Oil
Okay, you have asked us if Alpha One Rice Bran Oil is kosher. We have great news for you … yes it is! This oil has been certified by Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor of Thai Kashrut Services, it is clean tasting, light and versatile, and contains the plant sterol oryzanol, which has been found to reduce cholesterol absorption. Rice Bran Oil is high in antioxidants and reaches an elevated smoke point (250°C), thereby lending itself to a myriad of cooking styles, such as grilling or baking. Please be sure to look for the words ‘Coageo’ or ‘Kasisuri’ on the label. Thank you for also asking whether the Alpha One Rice Bran Oil Spray is kosher. We will double check the kashrut status with Rabbi Kantor in Thailand and will let you know as soon as we have the answer.

Sun Masamune Sake
Thanks for asking about the availability of sake, the Japanese rice-based alcoholic beverage. This favourite Japanese drink cleanses the palate and is known to greatly enhance the flavour of any type of cuisine. There have recently been four new additions by Sun Masamune: Go-Shu Australian Sake; Go Shu Blue (a super premium sake); Go Shu Dry, and Daigingo Ultra Premium Sake - all are Mehadrin and pareve. These are expertly brewed with top grade Australian medium-grain rice and all natural ingredients. The Go-Shu Australian Sake contains no sulphites or added antioxidants and is preservative free. It is available in the 740mL size at good bottle shops around town, such as Rose Bay Drive-In Liquor, Kemeny’s Food & Liquor, or Japanese specialty stores. Sun Masamune have a new product, Cooking Sake, which is also Mehadrin and pareve, and a new addition to our ‘Oriental Products’ subsection of our KA 2011 Kosher Product Directory. It is important to note that Sun Masamune no longer produce Gorin Sake and their Go Shu 40 sake is now called Juku – it is an aged, mature sake.

Smooch Frozen Yoghurt
Who doesn’t love frozen yoghurt? Well, we might not be enjoying it strolling down Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, but we have the next best thing! Located at Shop 2, 40 Hall Street, at Bondi Beach is Smooch – a delicious 98% fat free frozen yoghurt shop that is now kosher certified by the KA (dairy, not chalav Yisrael). With no gluten, artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, this is a frozen, fun and fantastic addition to our KA 2011 Kosher Product Directory. Before you salivate for Smooch, it’s important to remember that at this time, the only kosher option is the Original Flavour Frozen Yoghurt when dispensed directly from machine to cup. In-store you can select from three kosher toppings: M&Ms, coconut, and Coco Pops. The KA Team couldn’t help but smile to hear just how popular cups of Smooch Original Flavour Frozen Yoghurt are at the Moriah College tuck shop. Adults and kids alike, enjoy!

Kellogg’s Question
Thanks for asking whether Special K Advantage cereal is kosher. At this time Special K Advantage is not kosher. We can tell you that we are currently involved in visiting Kellogg’s and are doing our utmost to include as many cereals as possible. We will definitely keep you posted!

Just a reminder: our Facebook Group “Kashrut Authority of Australia & NZ” is now up and running. We are so excited to offer you, our valued kosher consumer, yet another mode of communication to ask any kashrut questions you may have or simply to find out interesting, daily updates and responses. We encourage all to join and be part of our dynamic on-going dialogue. See you there!

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