Kosher KApers Volume 23

Rosh Hashanah is now so close we can almost taste the sweet challah! Here we are, holding that proverbial piece of apple, yet we haven’t been given the all-clear to dip in the honey pot just yet!

The Yamim Noraim, Days of Awe, are almost upon us and undeniably we can sense it, feel it and truth-be-told, almost taste it…smiley.jpg

So let’s begin with one of the most important features of your Yom Tov table – freshly baked challah:

Carmel Bakery
Conveniently located within the heart of the Oxford Street Mall in Bondi Junction, owner Hanan Buskilah is proud to offer the community five varieties of freshly baked round challot: sultana; brioche; wholemeal; rye, and regular. Carmel’s mini sultana and regular challot are oh-so-popular as well. In addition, Hanan is so pleased to offer delicious honey cake in several different sizes. (Carmel is open erev Rosh Hashanah, Wednesday September 28th, 7am-4pm).

Glicks Cakes and Bagels
This week, for the first time, Glicks famous honey cake will be made on-site at the Sydney bakery (173 Bondi Road, Bondi), as opposed to previous years when it has been brought in from Melbourne. At this iconic hub, there is truly a plethora of choice. Round challot are available in four varieties: raisin; semi-sweet; plain, and rye (choose between large, medium and small sizes). Prepare yourself for the many irresistible treats including choc-chip honey muffins; chocolate-honey biscuits, honey/pear square slices, and so much more.

Glicks second well-situated bakery proudly serves the North Shore community and is found within Franklins, Shop 140 St. Ives Village Shopping Centre. Manager Lizanne Evans can’t wait to offer customers the entire range of Glicks round challahs, honey log cakes, chocolate and cinnamon bulkas as well as three varieties of fish: gefilte; fried, and baked. Glicks Sydney manager, Baruch Kluwgant, wishes all a Shana Tova! (Glicks Bondi is open erev Rosh Hashanah 6am-3pm).

Grandma Moses
It’s all systems a-go-go at Grandma Moses (513 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay) gearing up for Rosh Hashanah. Lawrence Hoffman and his crew are working tirelessly to offer the community the many different round challot they have come to know and love. There is a wide variety to be found: sweet raisin; plain; brioche; wholemeal; rye; sourdough seven-grain, and sweet spelt with raisins. Grandma Moses’ honey cake is sold in three sizes and Lawrence hopes all have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Have you heard the news? Breakfast just got a whole lot more versatile! If you have a ‘To Do’ list that is wildly ambitious, here’s a new product that can help you get out of the house a fraction earlier than planned – Sanitarium’s Up & Go Choc Ice & Banana are now kosher. After a detailed investigation, both are dairy (please note: currently Vanilla Ice and Strawberry are not acceptable). If you did feel like sitting down to the first meal of the day with your family – we are also happy to advise that Sanitarium Kids Weetbix is now Mehadrin & Pareve and also Weetbix Wild Berry Bites (Pareve) are now kosher and have been added to our 2011 Kosher Product Directory!

Your Kashrut Questions Answered …

Rice Bran Oil Spray
Earlier this month you asked us about Alpha One Rice Bran Oil and we were so pleased to advise that it is kosher. You also asked about a second product: the Alpha One Rice Bran Oil Spray – we have since liaised with Thai Kashrut Services and have been informed that the spray is produced in a different manufacturing plant to the oil and is therefore not under Thai Kashrut certification. Given that it’s the time of year when it is essentially a cooking frenzy in kosher kitchens around town, the KA is delighted to announce that Pro Chef Rice Bran Oil Spray is now kosher! So if you are looking for a quality cooking oil spray, you will find a selection within the KA’s 2011 Kosher Product Guide under the subsection ‘Oil & Frying Pan Liners-Spray Cooking Oil’.

Both Cadbury Bourneville Cocoa and Nestle Cocoa are Mehadrin and pareve. You have asked the KA for a clarification about the possibility of dairy contained within these two products. Thank you for highlighting that the ingredient panel of Cadbury’s Cocoa states that it may contain traces of dairy, and similarly the ingredient panel of Nestle Cocoa states that it is packed on equipment that also processes products containing milk. The KA can assure you that these two products are both pareve – both companies have simply included this allergen warning as dairy products are made within the same factory. Please note that all brands of pure cocoa without flavourings are acceptable. You have also asked us about the availability of Hershey’s Cocoa (pareve). The KA can advise that this can now be found at Costco with an OU hechsher (ouv2[1].gif).

Max Brenner
We have fielded several questions asking which Max Brenner products are kosher (and therefore appropriate to offer your Rosh Hashanah host or hostess). As per our 2011 Kosher Product Directory, please note that chocolate and truffles sold in The Chocolate Shop is Certified Mehadrin and Dairy (not Chalav Yisrael) by the Beit Shemesh Rabbinate in Israel. Gift options include: Praline Selection – individual, gift boxes and tins; Chocolate Thins in milk, dark, and white; Cubes in espresso and orange – and so many more. It is important to remember that this applies only to the packed products bearing the hechsher. (Please note: pastries; desserts; sweets; drinks, and meals available in the Chocolate Bar are not acceptable).

With so many questions about the Kashrut status of honey – we just had to include the answer right here (as well as to our Facebook Group!) Here’s the sweet deal: as long as the product is pure Australian honey it is kosher. Please note that a recognised hechsher is needed for flavoured or imported honey. We are spoilt for choice and our kosher options are extensive. There really is no excuse – have fun baking honey cake; honey muffins or honey biscuits – we love that honey holds such an important place within Yom Tov menus this week. smiley.jpg

The KA Team wishes each and every one of our valued kosher consumers a meaningful Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We have no doubt that your Yom Tov meals will be absolutely delicious – the KA looks forward to continuing our important Kashrut work for you. We aim to bring even more kosher options to your kitchen, your pantry, your table, and your plate in 5772! Shana Tova!

smiley.jpg The KA Team

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