Kosher KApers Volume 24

Sukkot is fast approaching - a seven-day festival within which we try to spend as much time as possible in a Sukkah – and what, pray tell, do we traditionally do in a Sukkah?

We schmooze, we read, but really, what does it all come down to? Well, while we are busy reminiscing not just about the temporary dwellings the Jewish Nation inhabited after the Exodus from Egypt, but also about the clouds of glory that protected the Jews in the desert … we nosh, okay, let’s just say it: we eat!

The Nut Shop (
Are you wondering what gift to bring your gracious hosts for Sukkot? Let’s go nuts about nuts! Sound crazy? Not at all – The Nut Shop has some fabulous, morish gift choices (see images below). Vicki Hyman is co-owner with her brother Dan Mendels, and proudly explains, “Here at The Nut Shop, we specialise in top quality nuts. We buy Australian produce wherever possible and manufacture kosher raw, roasted, salted, and candied nuts. We recommend: Vienna Almonds; Cinnamon Almonds; Candied Macadamias; Pistachios; Salted Mixed Nuts (no peanuts); Salted Cashews, and Salted Macadamias for starters. Our extensive range of nuts and dried fruit are ideal gifts for Yom Tov this week or Shabbat any week!”

All are welcome to visit the factory shop, located at 20-26 Allen Street, Waterloo, (open Monday – Thursday 7.30am – 4.30pm or on Fridays 7.30am-3.30pm). Please note that The Nut Shop products are also available from Krinsky’s; Chic ‘n Meat in Maroubra; Grandma Moses; Franklins Rose Bay and St. Ives; Starks, and all Thomas Dux Grocers in New South Wales and Victoria. For on-line orders, The Nut Shop products can be found at My Kosher Store ( For a list of exactly which products within the extensive range are kosher – including varieties of licorice, caramel block, pecan brittle and more, visit The Nut Shop’s website (listed above) and click into the FAQ subsection of the main menu, within which you will find a comprehensive list of all KA kosher certified products (all of which are also conveniently listed within our 2011 Kosher Product Directory). Or if you prefer, contact Vicki directly at The Nut Shop office on 02 9319 6574.

Market Choice Foods (
Okay, most kosher consumers around town will be familiar with the brand, Thisit Foods, (pronounced This-Is-It) – offering a diverse range of kosher products from salad dressings (see image below); marinades; pasta sauces; muesli; mayonnaise, and more. Thank you for asking us about the link between Market Choice and Thisit … did you know that Market Choice (known as MC Foods) is effectively the umbrella company? And all products displaying the MC Foods label are certified kosher by the KA as is every item within the Thisit line.

Co-owner Kate Jagle explains, “Here at MC Foods we are so proud to inform kosher consumers that we have made a conscious decision to have our entire food range certified kosher by the Kashrut Authority. This goal could not have been achieved without the incredible support of Reverend Samra. When we need to liaise with him, he replies promptly and offers great insight and advice regarding any query we have – from ingredients to production. He has been fantastic!”

This high quality range does not contain any artificial colours or flavours, including the recently launched Fig Paste and Apricot and Almond Paste (see image below). Kosher consumers interested in gluten-free products should note that all dressings and marinades are free from gluten – in fact products within the range that are specifically gluten-free are conveniently labelled as such. Kate continues, “Our products are locally sourced – we love that the farmer who provides us with freshly laid eggs, is 10 minutes down the road! Our three varieties of kosher mayonnaise really do contain whole eggs in each and every jar.”

This impressive assortment is available all over town. Of course, you will find them in kosher shops – Grandma Moses, Krinsky’s, and Starks. Or if you are near a supermarket, they are available in Coles (Westfield Bondi Junction; Eastgate Bondi Junction; Chatswood; Edgecliff; Hornsby; Lane Cove; Maroubra; Pagewood; Parramatta, and Rose Bay). Additionally Franklins (Eastgardens; Rose Bay, and St. Ives) feature the range. If you are at the kosher butcher, Eilat at Hadassa, a selection of marinades can be found. The Fruitologist on Bondi Road or Parisi’s in Rose Bay proudly stock their products as do other selected greengrocers and stockists. Enjoy!

Rice Cakes & Corn Cakes
Have you reached a point of challah-overload? If so, the KA is happy to advise that IGA Signature Corn Cakes and Rice Cakes are now kosher, Certified Mehadrin and Pareve (only when bearing code 27905 near the Best-Before-Date). In addition, Woolworths Home Brand Rice & Corn Cakes and Rice Cakes are kosher, Certified Mehadrin and Pareve (only when bearing code 57363 near the Best-Before-Date). The KA would like kosher consumers to know that the two codes listed above simply refer to the manufacturing plants that were specifically checked.

Carmel Fine Bread & Cake Shop
Just a reminder that Carmel Fine Bread and Cake Shop located at shop 5, 175-181 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction is temporarily closed. Please know that as soon as we have more information, we will inform you immediately.


Your Kashrut question answered …

This week, you wanted to know if there were any Pringles that are kosher without a hechsher on the box. We have been advised that the answer is ‘yes’ for one type only - Original Flavour Pringles made in the USA are kosher and pareve without a hechsher, all other flavour varieties made in the United States and elsewhere require visible kosher certification.

Greek-style yoghurt
You asked us to clarify which Greek-style yoghurts were available kosher. We are pleased to inform you that in addition to producing many other varieties of kosher yoghurt, Jalna produce kosher Greek-style yoghurt in both 1kg and 2 kg tubs (Certified Mehadrin and Dairy).

Thisit Ecco Fruit & Vege Wash
You asked us where this product is sold and what it is composed of– we can advise that it is available at two locations: Norton St Grocer in Westfield, Bondi Junction and Parisi’s of Rose Bay. This is a useful product for loosening the hold of bugs when washing vegetables – it also washes off any wax or chemical spray residue. A key ingredient of the Thisit Ecco Fruit & Vege Wash is essential oils (fruit extracts).

We wish you and your family chag sameach and hope you enjoy all the delicious Sukkot treats coming your way. If you do happen to have any kashrut questions during Chol Hamoed Sukkot, please know that, for your convenience, our Facebook Group “Kashrut Authority of Australia and NZ” will be operational. We are here to help you with any and every kashrut query you may have.

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