Kosher KApers Volume 25

Well, the excitement and intensity of the chaggim has calmed down and summer is almost upon us - it’s time to correct the indulgent food choices we may have made over the last couple of months.

No excuses now! Thank you to our many valued kosher consumers who have asked for clarification and a little more detail in regard to kosher health supplement options. The products listed below can be found within the ‘Health Bars, Supplements & Vitamins’ subsection of our 2011 Kosher Product Directory. We have been hard at work on your behalf and have lots to share.

Body Solution Systems
Renowned Melbourne-based nutritionist and dietician, Mark Surdut, is the exclusive Australian distributor of Body Solution Systems meal replacement protein shakes. Mark is enthusiastic about this kosher range, “these shakes tick every possible box I can think of: they are nourishing; plant-based; contain no artificial additives; gluten-free; lactose-free; low glycaemic; low calorie, have no high fructose corn syrup and taste great!”

bodysolutionsystem.jpgMark continues, “You will frequently find these kosher liquid meals used in successful weight loss management programs and are easily incorporated into busy lifestyles. They are essentially used as part of a calorie controlled healthy eating plan - definitely worth discussing with a professional (dietician, nutritionist or GP), if you so choose.”

Mark stocks three (of five) flavours: Natural PXR Chocolate Decadence; Caramel Mocha Latte, and Strawberry Delight (Mark’s favourite). So what exactly does ‘Natural PXR’ mean? This new weight loss formula aims to help people improve their health and wellness by losing weight. These shakes are high in soy protein, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and also comprise of the effective anti-oxidants, alpha-mangostin xanthrone and resveratrol to support optimal health.

For further information or to purchase from this Body Solution Systems protein shake range, contact Mark on 0404 043 563, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit his website If kosher consumers are interested in purchasing the other two kosher varieties: Natural PXR Peach Mango Passion or Vanilla Bean, Mark recommends contacting Tammy Moore, Director of Operations via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (simply mention Mark Surdut as the referring practitioner). Please note, these five flavours are all certified by the Orthodox Union (ouv2[1].gif) and are Pareve.

Ensure Plus/Pediasure Range
Abbott Australia and New Zealand offer Australian consumers ten kosher health products within the Ensure range. They present easy-to-use nutritional products that fuse the science of nutrition with cutting edge technology and design. You have informed us that to-date; it has been difficult to find every product listed under ‘Abbott’ in our Kosher Directory subsection ‘Health Bars, Supplements & Vitamins’. Well, we have great news! If you call Access Nutrition, the NSW Distributor of this range, based in Artarmon, you can have your pick of any kosher product listed! This includes: Ensure Plus – Chocolate or Vanilla (Certified Mehadrin and Pareve - must have OU hechsher ouv2[1].gif). Additionally, the following products are all Certified Mehadrin and Dairy (no hechsher on packaging required): Pediasure Fibre RTH Vanilla 500mL; Pediasure Fibre Vanilla Can 235mL; Pediasure Plus Vanilla RTH 500mL; Pediasure Tetra Chocolate 200mL; Tetra Strawberry 200mL; Tetra Vanilla 200mL; Pediasure Vanilla Can, and Vanilla RTH. Please note: Ensure Plus Coffee and Strawberry are no longer available to the Australian market. To contact Access Nutrition, call Free-call 1800 817 017, please be advised that delivery charges apply.

Alternately, many pharmacies around town do stock products within the range, for example, Gaslight Pharmacy in Rose Bay or Basger’s Pharmacy in North Bondi.

Amway Health Products
Previously we have listed the Amway Protein Powder as Dairy under the Amway brand ‘Nutrilite’. This is no longer the case. Amway’s Australian Health and Wellbeing division is known as ‘Nutriway’ and the product is now known as the ‘Nutriway All Plant Protein Powder’, this pareve product has a Star-K hechsher (starkv2[1].gif) and comes in a 450gm container. It is billed to help maintain lean body mass; contains naturally occurring iron; is lactose and cholesterol free, and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

To purchase this kosher health product, call Amway on 1800 454 647 and you will be put in touch with your nearest local Amway distributor. Alternately, if you have personal connections with Amway (via friends/family) you can order through those contacts as well.

Sunrider is a premier manufacturer of high quality herbal products. We would like to share some Sunrider kosher updates: the Sunrider ‘Liqui-Five’ range is now known as Sunrider ‘Sunergy’, and we are excited to announce three additions: Vita Shake – Cocoa, (Star-D, insert symbol),Vita Shake – Strawberry, (Star-K, starkv2[1].gif), and the Quinary – Powder Pack (blended herbs maintained without preservatives or synthetic chemicals).

The Sunrider Vitalite product VitaDophilus was previously pareve but is now dairy, and requires a Star-D hechsher (stard64[1].gif). This is an apple-flavoured probiotic that is beneficial for digestion. Please note that Sunrider’s ‘NUPLUS’ Citrus Celebration product is no longer produced. The NUPLUS line features concentrated herbal food formulae offering more energy in fewer calories - there are five kosher options: Apple Cinammon; Mixed Berry; Naturally Plain; Pina Banana, or Simply Herbs. One final update is that the warning given in our printed directory ‘Capsules are Not Acceptable’ is no longer applicable. Please note that all products are Mehadrin and must have a Star-K (starkv2[1].gif) if Pareve or a Star-D (stard64[1].gif) if Dairy.

To purchase these kosher Sunrider products consumers can shop on-line at, or contact a distributor of Sunrider Australia and New Zealand on (03) 8558 1995 or via e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Your Kashrut question answered …

Novartis Nutrition – Nestlé Nutrition
You have asked us about the kashrut status and availability of Novartis Nutrition Boost High Protein Drinks in Rich Chocolate, Creamy Strawberry and Very Vanilla. Firstly, these drinks now come under the global Nestlé umbrella, and are no longer produced by Novartis. These drinks are kosher, and feature an OU-D hechsher (ouv2[1].gifD), unfortunately they are no longer available in Australian pharmacies or shops. This week, our 2011 Kosher Product Directory has been updated to reflect this.

After delving into the world of clean living and healthy options, the KA Team are proud of the array of quality kosher well-being products listed above. Armed with this knowledge, coupled with the encouraging reality of the wonderful weather we enjoy in this Great Southern Land – we are refreshed and revitalised. We welcome absolutely any other health-related kosher product questions – or any Kashrut questions … please ask, any time, any day.