Kosher KApers Volume 27
Well, Jewish kids can almost taste the end of the school year and parents are taking that proverbial deep breath before the summer holidays begin – life will slow down a touch.
Many in and around town will head to the beaches and offices will shut down. We can assure you that that just doesn’t apply here at the KA (despite our proximity to Bondi Beach - except public holidays of course). Truth be told, we are busier than ever working hard for you, our valued kosher consumers. Thank you for communicating your kosher product requests, thank you for articulating your questions and queries. While the KA Team is looking forward to sampling some new kosher summer treats – day in, day out we strive to continue our important work: helping you to make keeping kosher an easier journey!

De Costi Seafoods
The KA is so pleased to advise the community that De Costi Seafoods, situated within Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre (Shop 1023, outside Coles) now has an incredible variety of kosher fish options available.

Store manager Nick Theodorou is excited and truly understands how significant it is to be able to offer kosher fish to Sydney’s Jewish community, “Here at De Costi, we appreciate how important kosher dietary laws are to Jewish families - we wanted to accommodate for the demand. I have worked closely with Rabbi Groner and found the whole process a fantastic experience – honestly, I was really amazed with his knowledge – fins, scales – that man knows his fish!”

There is an ocean of possibilities when it comes to De Costi’s kosher fish options. For example: Blue Eye Cod; Barramundi; Salmon or Tuna can be prepared skinless, boneless, minced – you decide. You can even order sashimi for lunch. Nick advises, “It is important to remember that our selection will vary from week-to-week. After all, we can’t wander into a paddock to select our fish! The weather and the tides are big factors – and that’s what keeps it interesting.”smiley.jpg

De Costi’s have designated Wednesday mornings as the kosher order pick up window each week (between 10am-12pm). Ideally, kosher fish orders (including sashimi) must be placed by Tuesday lunchtime. Call Nick on 02 9369 3844 – he is delighted to chat about the week’s fresh catch and answer any questions you may have. Please note: De Costi Seafoods will be offering kosher fish on December 14th and December 21st and will recommence in 2012 on January 11th.

Body Balance

We are so pleased that our recent edition of Kosher KApers highlighting health and wellness was so popular! We truly appreciate the feedback – and with that in mind, we are delighted to share with you two kosher products by Life Force International: Body Balance Liquid and Body Balance Singles To Go (both Certified Mehadrin and Pareve, KSA [ksa.gif]).

Based in St. Ives, naturopathic herbalist and accredited Journey Practitioner, Michelle Toocaram, is passionate, “Body Balance is a fantastic foundational nutritional product for all ages to support overall well-being. This is made from whole foods - a combination of wildly crafted deep sea vegetables and certified organic aloe vera, providing over 120 naturally occurring nutrients for optimal health. It tastes delicious and contains no synthetic vitamins or minerals; it is also free of sugar, dairy and gluten.”

Michelle continues, “Body Balance is not a meal replacement, rather a nourishing drink enjoyed each morning alongside your regular meals. If travelling, then the individually wrapped Singles to Go are ideal. I drink it daily, as does my family and clients – time and time again many devotees inform us that they experience increased energy, a higher degree of clarity in tasks-at-hand and feel a pervading sense of calm as a direct result of incorporating Body Balance into their world. Others report improvements to wellness including: better immunity; improved blood readings; better skin; hair, and nails.”

Michelle is delighted to liaise with kosher consumers about these two products and to answer any questions you may have. Body Balance comes with a 45 day Money-Back Guarantee and can be delivered to your home or office. Contact Michelle on 0414 996 360, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit



Your Kashrut questions answered …

Fruta Tropical – Juices and Smoothies
Now that we have a new kosher frozen fruit pulp range in our midst, you have asked us if there is anywhere in Sydney you can purchase ready-made beverages using this key healthy ingredient. Great news: Grandma Moses are now making smoothies and juices on a daily basis – choose from the fabulous selection of Fruta Tropical flavours – mango, mixed berries and so many more. Enjoy!

Tea Selection – La Casa del Caffe
Thanks for letting us know how pleased you are with the new kosher additions of La Casa’s coffee blends, tea and coffee syrups and Chai Latte mixes – you have asked if La Casa’s tea range is also kosher. We are so pleased to inform you that the entire range is kosher – this Elmstock tea selection, based in Western Australia, includes a refined assortment. You have specifically asked if the Elmstock Earl Grey tea, flavoured with the essence of Bergamot (a small citrus fruit of Chinese origin), is kosher. Yes, it is in addition to English Breakfast; Broke Orange Pekoe; Chamomile; Peppermint and more. All are available for purchase from La Casa del Caffe - call 1300 522 272 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mountain Bread
You have asked us what the difference is between Mountain Bread, (the unique flat bread), available in supermarkets across the country, and the Mountain Bread available at Krinsky’s. We are delighted to clarify: firstly, it is important to note that the entire Mountain Bread range is kosher. A special run is produced primarily for the export market to the United States and the selection at Krinsky’s is sourced from this range. This has our Diamond-KA symbol [ka logoth.jpg] and the OK logo [okv2[1].gif] stamped on a seal (sticker) which is attached to the packaging and is Pat Yisrael. This means that a Jewish person has been directly involved in the baking process – for example, lighting the fire or adjusting the oven temperature.

In contrast, the Mountain Bread available across supermarkets Australia-wide is Pat Palter (contains kosher ingredients without a Jewish person involved in the process) and does not have a stamp on the packaging, yet it is still Certified Mehadrin and Pareve. Please note that although a Jewish person is not involved in the baking, the bakery is under KA supervision, which ensures that all ingredients, utensils and processing aids are kosher. Enjoy all seven varieties: barley; corn; oat; organic whole white; rice; rye, and white.

Thanks for talking Kashrut with us once again –stay tuned for our final edition for 2011, filled with sweet kosher treats for Chanukah and so much more!