Kosher KApers Volume 28

Dear kosher consumers – Chanukah, the meaningful eight-day festival of lights, begins tonight and we are delighted to update you on the many tempting kosher treats around town.

For countless generations, the Jewish People have celebrated this miraculous moment in history – and as is our custom – we tend to showcase this in a culinary fashion. Truth-be-told, this coming week we allow ourselves to indulge in fried foods. Oil has relevance; chocolate has relevance – all delectable, divine and delicious!

Boon Chocolates
The Kashrut Authority is thrilled to inform the Jewish community that a wide selection of unique and refined handmade chocolates, pralines and truffles are now kosher (Certified Mehadrin – Dairy, not Chalav Yisrael and Pareve options). Boon Chocolates ( is located at 251 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, and is home to temptations never-before-seen in the kosher market. Think Champagne Flavoured Truffles; French Lavender Praline; Strawberry and Tasmanian Pepperberry (all Dairy) – and these are just for starters. In addition, three varieties of Dairy hot chocolate drinks are available: Dark, Milk, and Mocha and for those who require Pareve options, a Hot Soy Chocolate Drink is offered along with two pareve chocolate choices: Dark Chocolate Coated Almond and Negros Bar (Dark Chocolate).

Co-owner Alex Chan expounds the importance of connecting with the entire community, “Firstly, we have to thank Rabbi Groner for his patience and passion in assisting us with the many kosher guidelines. Here at Boon, we believe in being open and embracing all cultures. This year, we have been on a journey to Kashrut and our moment has arrived! A time when we can say we recognise the spirituality of keeping kosher and the importance of strong roots and identity. That said, our Belgian-trained chef marvels at how meticulous and fastidious our team is in the kitchen (always with the laws of Kashrut in mind)”smiley.jpg.

This week, many Chanukah gifts will be excitedly wrapped and given – with this in mind, Boon have crafted an exclusive Chanukah Chocolate Set including charming chocolate pieces (Dairy) fashioned in the shapes of Menorahs, Dreidels and Chanukah gelt. The range also extends to include large Chanukah Chocolate Lollipops.

Alex continues, “Here at Boon, we believe in your concept of Tzedakah, and prioritise


the notion of ‘giving back’. Our gift tags are produced by Print 35 and we are proud to inform the community that 10% of all sales of Chanukah chocolates will go to Jewish Care. It’s a beautiful thing to have our social ideals and newly kosher products aligned as one.”

Boon Chocolates were presented with the highly coveted Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Shopping Guide Award for Best Chocolate 2011.

Still happily camped out in the wonderful world of chocolate – we have more news of the cocoa variety. Now, before you spin that dreidel, we are just bursting to share the following with you: a far wider more comprehensive selection of Ferrero chocolates is now kosher in Australia – many for the first time.

Before we reveal all, it is very important to pay attention to the country-of-origin of each product to ensure its Kashrut status. Once this has been duly ascertained, the products below are available kosher in all sizes. You see, until now, only four varieties of Ferrero chocolates were listed within our 2011 Kosher Product Directory that were made in Italy: Kinder Chocolate Bar; Kinder Surprise Egg; Mon Cheri Hazelnut, and Ferrero Rocher. In addition, we now add to the Italian range, Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rondnoir (this features a pearl of dark chocolate in the centre, instead of a hazelnut).

New kosher Ferrero products made in Germany include: Kinder Chocolate (made especially for children); Ferrero Rocher; Giotto (hazelnut-filled balls); Ferrero Kusschen (kisses) and the Ferrero Collection box with three varieties within: Ferrero Rondnoir, Rocher, and Ferrero Garden (a coconut version). Another kosher European option is now here in Australia: two new varieties of Belgian chocolates, Kinder Shoko-Bons (milk chocolate covered little egg-shaped chocolates with hazelnut cream filling), and Raffaello (each containing a whole almond within a creamy filling surrounded by crispy shell flakes of coconut).

We also happily announce that Canadian Ferrero Rocher chocolates are kosher as are Kinder Bueno and Raffaello chocolates made in Belsk, Poland. This vast array is conveniently listed in our 2011 Kosher Product Directory under the subheading ‘Chocolates & Confectionery’ and is available throughout Australia in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Glicks Cakes & Bagels
With the miracle of the oil at the forefront of our collective consciousness this week, Glicks (173 Bondi Road, Bondi & Shop 140 St. Ives Village Shopping Centre) transports us on a Chanukah doughnut odyssey with the largest selection ever seen in Sydney. Store manager, Baruch Kluwgant, happily advises, “here at Glicks, we have iced doughnuts available in chocolate; caramel; tropical; strawberry, and coffee flavours. For the first time in Sydney we also have our decadent custard doughnuts. Of course, we offer large and small jam doughnuts as well as cinnamon rings and freshly fried latkes too.”

All doughnut varieties are available at both the Bondi and St. Ives store locations. Also, in selected Woolworths, Coles and Franklins supermarkets in the Eastern Suburbs and North Shore, consumers can also conveniently find Glicks 4-pack iced doughnuts and 6-pack jam doughnuts.

Grandma Moses
Located at 513 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay, owner Lawrence Hoffman announces, “this year we are pleased and proud to offer ‘fat-free’ doughnut alternatives for the health conscious consumers in three varieties: jam, chocolate and cream (pareve). We have proven that it is possible to retain the delicious taste and yet have a reduced fat content!” The more traditional favourites are also available this year, including jam doughnuts in two sizes; cream doughnuts; chocolate and strawberry iced doughnuts and the sumptuous vanilla custard doughnuts as well. Grandma Moses also offer potato latkes and sell driedels and Chanukah gelt.

If you are frying Chanukah treats at home, have a look in our 2011 Kosher Product Directory under the subsection ‘Oil & Frying Pan Liners’ for an incredibly diverse list of kosher oil options, including Aclara Healthy’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil; Proteco’s Macadamia Oil, or Stoney Creek’s Organic Safflower Oil – and there are so many more!

We wish each of you a Chanukah Sameach and thank you for your support this year - your questions and input have been invaluable. We have loved bringing you all the latest Kashrut news hot-off-the-press, so to speak, in each and every edition of Kosher KApers. We are also delighted to communicate with you via our successful Facebook Group: ‘Kashrut Authority of Australia & NZ’ – now with over 750 members! We can’t wait to continue in 2012 – so for now, enjoy Chanukah, enjoy summertime in Sydney and Kosher KApers will be back early in the new year to continue our important work: helping to ensure that keeping kosher is made that little bit easier for you!