Kosher KApers Volume 29

Shalom and welcome to our first edition of Kosher KApers for 2012. Summer holidays have been and gone and the KA has been delighted to answer all of your daily insightful questions via our Facebook Group – speaking of which,

we now have over 800 members and couldn’t be more proud to research and communicate answers to you each and every day. The KA HQ here in Bondi does not slow down and we have lots of kosher news to share – milchig, fleishig – let’s get to it!

Tart Sweet Tart
Dear friends, the following selection is Davvero deliziosa – very delicious! Tart Sweet Tart ( is a fabulous example of high quality Italian fare available to Sydney’s kosher consumers, specialising in tarts, focacce and doughnuts - all made in the authentic Italian tradition. Owner Elena Bullo explains, “We are thrilled to share with the Jewish community our culinary creations, based on the precious original recipes of my grandmother and great grandmother. Growing up in Milan, our family would unite on special occasions to create these delicious desserts and so much more.”

Tart Sweet Tart offers jam-filled Pareve doughnuts, and Dairy crème patisserie doughnuts (Chalav Yisrael). In addition, their signature tantalising tarts (available in three sizes) are offered either Pareve or Dairy (Chalav Yisrael) in a plethora of flavours including: strawberry; apple; orange; hazelnut chocolate; almond; lemon cream … and that’s just for starters! And finally, four oregano-infused varieties of focaccia are featured: classic, tomato, onion, and olive (see images below).

Elena continues, “Sydney is so far from Milan and for this reason we invest a great deal of time ensuring that high quality kosher ingredients sourced here match those found in Italy. Here at Tart Sweet Tart, we are based out of Our Big Kitchen and have certainly been on a journey to understand and adhere to Kashrut laws. Rabbi Groner has been fantastic – so incredibly supportive and patient in explaining the ins and outs of all-things-kosher, as have the wonderful, generous team at OBK.”

For your next simcha, Tart Sweet Tart orders can be placed via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Elena on 0406 901 900 (note, minimum seven days’ notice is required for all orders). Delivery is offered throughout the Sydney Metro Area for only $4.95.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek
Are you ready to boost your daily calcium intake in the best possible way? Kosher organic biodynamic dairy produce is here (not Chalav Yisrael) and we are so pleased to share these wonderful products with you. B.-d Farm Paris Creek is a multi-award-winning dairy producer with an exceptional reputation. Situated in the picturesque Adelaide Hills of South Australia, this established biodynamic farm features cows that are grass fed and free-ranging all year round. With the distinct aim of providing the best possible health benefits, B.-d Farm Paris Creek proactively avoids the use of homogenisation; UHT treatments; chemical fertilisers; insecticides; hormones; antibiotics, and essentially anything detrimental to the well-being of consumers.

Owner Ulli Spranz explains, “We are so pleased that Australia’s kosher consumers can now sample our range of which many products (but not all) are kosher endorsed. I met with Reverend Samra here at our South Australian farm, replete with lush biodynamic pastures and our entire team is thrilled to now offer many products to Australia’s kosher consumers.”

Kosher products available include a selection of five yogurts: Dessert Style; Greek Style; Natural Swiss Style; Low Fat, and Bush Honey & Vanilla; Biodynamic Organic Unsalted Butter; Full Cream, Zero Fat and Fat Reduced Biodynamic Organic Milk, and two varieties of flavoured milk: Choco-lat and Caffe-latte (made with organic coffee and chocolate). In addition, two types of Quark are kosher: German Style (low fat) and Swiss Style (full cream). Quark is a healthy European dairy product that is easily digestible and very low in carbohydrates – it is often used as an alternative to cream, sour cream, butter and a variety of soft French style cheeses and European hard cheeses.

You can find B.-d Farm Paris Creek products at many locations around the country. Nationally, Woolworths stock multi award-winning Swiss Style Quark throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Closer to home, yogurts can be found in the Parisi’s Food Hall in Rose Bay; Norton St Grocer in Bondi; Randwick Village Fruit Market, and Thomas Dux stores. Many health food shops also stock kosher items in this range. These include Wholefoods House in Woollahra - featuring the German and Swiss Quark and the unsalted butter; About Life in Bondi Junction stock the Bush Honey and Vanilla yogurt as well as the Swiss and German Quark. Also, Earth Food Store and Beach Road Supermarket carry a selection from this range. Taste Organic in Crows Nest sell the Zero Fat milk, varieties of yogurt and Quark. Dessert-Style yogurt can be found at Life Organic in Newtown.

If there is a particular product within the range that may not be easily available, kosher consumers can contact the admin office at B.-d Farm Paris Creek and their friendly staff will be able to send the products to a store in your area. Of course, B.-d Farm Paris Creek products are also extensively available throughout South Australia in all retail outlets. To contact B.-d Farm Paris Creek direct, call the admin office on 08 8388 3339 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can also find information at or join them on Facebook.


Katzy’s Food Factory
Well known and well-loved, Katzy’s is here to stay! New owner Brian Ziman wants to allay any fears about Katzy’s Kashrut status. “Katzy’s is kosher and will remain kosher. The menu will largely stay intact and slowly new lines will be introduced. At the moment, we are launching one new product per week to gauge communal favourability. Our pasta with pesto sauce was a huge hit – customers loved this as a great vegetarian option.”

Brian is excited to not only offer delectable fleishig dishes, he continues, “with a 100% dairy-free restaurant, we welcome all who require no milk products. These customers are often lactose intolerant and can enjoy our butternut soup, soy cappuccino and so much more. My transition couldn’t have been smoother thanks to Rabbi Groner’s welcoming, helpful nature and we are just delighted with our KA Mashgiach, Nethaniel Phaltual, who is fantastic and so hard-working – just a pleasure to work with.”

The community should also note that Katzy’s can be utilised to hire out as a venue for any simchah and specialises in platters for board rooms and corporate catering (the catering menu is available on request).

Thanks for continuing our Kashrut conversation; we look forward to communicating the latest kosher news with you in each and every edition.

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