Kosher KApers Volume 31

Purim is a celebration. We are now in the month of Adar and we are smiling. This is a joyous time when we partake in a Seudat Purim, a festive meal and allow ourselves a nip or two (only) of a quality alcoholic beverage (mature adults only, of course).

Young and old revel in costume and participate in the mitzvah of giving mishloach manot, mutual gifts of food and drink. Our ears ring from spinning those greggars, there’s a playful vibe in the air - permission to have fun is granted!

The Spiritual Guide
We are so excited to feature The Spiritual Guide in this week’s Purim edition. Founder Hymie Eisman is a Personal Whisky and Spirits Consultant, “We offer a boutique, personalised service and source rare and unique spirits privately for discerning connoisseurs across Australia. This is a one-on-one service within which we match an interesting, perhaps new spirit to your personal taste profile and budget.”

In addition, The Spiritual Guide offers private master classes. For example, if you are interested in the Kashrut nuances of whisky, Hymie can come in and enlighten your guests with his boundless knowledge of spirits, all-the-while tailoring the master class to your specifications and interests.

Hymie continues, “As proud Jews, we always try to participate in the fulfilment of mitzvot to the best of our ability. For me, having a beautiful, unique bottle on the Shabbat table or at a Purim seudah, undoubtedly adds to the joy of that holiday.” And there is so much to learn: what is the difference between Irish whisky and Scotch - or between rye-based vodka and wheat-based vodka? More importantly, which is going to suit your palate? This personalised service can shed light on these mysteries and so many more.

To contact The Spiritual Guide, call 048SPIRITS (0487 747 487) or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can also visit on Facebook, simply search ‘The Spiritual Guide’.

The Fruit Man
Ze’ev Aronstam’s fantastic business is expanding. With access to Sydney’s freshest fruits and vegetables, The Fruit Man offers a convenient service and always top quality produce. In direct response to kosher consumers’ requests, a line of Ready 2 Bake options are available. Ze’ev explains, “It’s all about time management and offering cost-effective solutions. We help reduce the time it takes you to get ready for your Purim Seudah, or any Shabbat dinner, thus enhancing your meal. It’s simple: choose from our four options: Roots 2 Roast (featuring a combination of assorted sweet and sour roots with distinctive liquorice flavour); Herbed Potatoes; Traditional Honey Pumpkin, and Potato Kugel. Bake in your oven, and enjoy the delicious flavours.”

Each week, new additions will be added to the menu. Kosher consumers also requested sushi and now sushi is a firm feature on The Fruit Man’s menu in several varieties. To order, visit The Fruit Man website or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Pre-Purim orders must be placed by 5pm Tuesday March 6th.

Available in-store today, a wide range of impressive mishloach manot is offered at Krinsky’s at every price point. Beautifully packaged and generously filled, whoever you are giving to and whatever their preference, there is something for you! Choose from a sea of sweet treats with helpful reduced prices on alcoholic beverages. Imagine mishloach manot with Bacardi Breezers, Kahlúa and so much more! Krinsky’s are here for you and it’s a double celebration for Krinsky’s this Adar with Purim and their 24th anniversary. Mazel tov!

Grandma Moses
Fresh, delicious, moreish, yes, Grandma Moses hamentashen is back! Offered in small, medium and large sizes - choose between poppy, jam, chocolate and walnut. Also, in the large size only, pareve cheese hamentashen are available. Also, from today for the children, Grandma Moses will be conveniently stocking mishloach manot. Of course, more refined gifts are available including the Wissotzky Tea & Dreams selection and so much more. Store manager, Idan Gonen simply says, “For Purim and all year round we offer top quality goods at competitive prices. Chag Sameach!”


Once again, Glicks bring us fabulous Purim treats. The community is thrilled to have the two distinct choices - yeast hamentashen, available in four varieties: chocolate; jam; poppy seed and a cheese filling (milchig, Chalav Yisrael); or try one (or all) of the five delectable shortbread hamentashen flavours: jam; chocolate; poppy seed; almond, and date. Store manager, Baruch Kluwgant, takes a moment from his busy Purim preparation to advise, “Glicks wish all our customers a Freilichen Purim. We welcome you at our stores and would love you to be daring and try a different flavour this year.” Invitation accepted! Glicks hamentashen is available from today at both store locations: 173 Bondi Road, Bondi & Shop 140 St. Ives Village Shopping Centre. Also, a 12-pack of shortbread hamentashen will be available at Coles, Woolworths and Franklins supermarkets.

With all this delicious kosher food, we know you will have a wonderful chag enjoying every mouthful. Consider washing it down with a taste of one of the finest kosher wines or spirits on offer. There is just so much choice when it comes to kosher living. It’s Purim, it’s party time!