Kosher KApers Volume 35

Shavuot is so close we can almost taste that cheesecake, be it oven-baked or set in the refrigerator, and even though here at the KA HQ we are concentrating on kosher dairy products this week,

it’s important to step back from all-things-milk for the briefest of moments and reflect on the bigger question: why do we eat dairy over Shavuot?

Many thoughts are offered and we would like to share just a couple. Shavuot, also known as Z’man Matan Torateinu, is the festival commemorating the revelation of the law at Mount Sinai. The Jewish People were given the Torah and became a nation committed to serving Hashem. Some of these new laws revolved around the exact method of preparing meat. As the Jewish People studied kashrut for the first time, they began the task of incorporating these new commandments, including koshering all utensils, into their daily lives - they understood that all previous practices revolving around food were no longer applicable. As the revelation at Sinai occurred on Shabbat, (when cooking is prohibited), the only alternative was to eat dairy, which required no advanced preparation.

This was a magical moment in our history and eating dairy has so much meaning. Just as milk is considered a whole food to fully sustain a human being at birth, so too does the Torah offer spiritual nourishment necessary for every person’s neshama (soul). So let’s transition now from the holy to the heavenly and talk about modern day dairy delights!

Kosher Tim Tams – Original & Double Coat
You have asked us to cast our kosher spotlight on new and interesting dairy products with Shavuot so close and that is exactly what we intend to do in this edition of Kosher KApers. Dear kosher consumers, we have the most exciting news to share – kosher Tim Tams (ka logoth.jpg Dairy not Chalav Yisrael, see image below) are here and available Australia-wide. The Kashrut Authority is delighted to inform you that two varieties of Tim Tams are now kosher: Original and Double Coat.

It is important to note that only Tim Tams sold in 200 gram (Net) size packets are acceptable. These Original and Double Coat Tim Tams are made at the Huntingwood manufacturing plant in Western Sydney (which has now received certification from the KA) and are then distributed throughout Australia. To ascertain that each packet has been produced at Huntingwood, kosher consumers must look for the Hash Symbol (#), found on the left-hand-side of the Best Before Date.

Our Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Gutnick explains, “Kosher Tim Tams have arrived and this is such a positive conclusion to a long journey. We are so grateful to Arnott’s for not only understanding our kashrut concerns but also accommodating us each step of the way. For some years, specially produced batches of Tim Tams have been exported to Israel, these runs will continue, but now we offer local kosher consumers the same opportunity. Every major supermarket and shop in the country stocks Tim Tams and we are certain it will be so handy for kosher consumers, wherever they are, to know they can now purchase Australia’s favourite biscuit!”  Please note, these locally produced Tim Tams are Pat Palter, whereas the Tim Tams made specifically for export are Pat Yisrael.

When serving your milchig dessert delicacies, offer guests that platter of Tim Tams – be warned: no one stops at one! You might even like to make yourself a steaming mug of hot chocolate from the Canterbury Naturals ‘Snuggle Up’ Cocoa mix range, found at Grandma Moses (kof-kv2[1].gif-Dairy see image below). Flavours include Chocolate; Vanilla White; Peppermint and Dulce de Leche. Voilà! You will have all the ingredients to enjoy an authentic Aussie Tim Tam Slam! What fun - let us know how it goes! smiley.jpg

Belle Sour Cream
The KA is pleased to introduce a new superb sour cream. Manufactured by the Barfresh Food Group, this gluten-free product is available in two varieties: Belle Premium Sour Cream (36% fat) and Belle Premium Light Sour Cream (18% fat). Both are sold at Costco in one kilogram pales, each with our respected KA-Dairy logo ka logoth.jpg(not Chalav Yisrael). Sour cream is so versatile, especially this week preparing for Shavuot, use it to top baked potatoes, in creamy salad dressings, for baking cakes and biscuits or why not as a base for a kosher onion dip? If you would like to purchase larger Food Service sizes (2kg; 5kg; 10kg, & 20 kg), best if you contact Barfresh directly on 1300 736 800, visit or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Kosher Shavuot Treats
We know there are many kosher dairy products that are not available to those who keep Chalav Yisrael. And that is why it is so exciting to review the Chalav Yisrael options on offer at Glick’s this week. Fill your bakery box with cheese muffins, dairy éclairs and vanilla slices or perhaps cheese blintzes or cheese Danish. How to decide? You have a choice with cheesecake flavours. Yes, Glick’s are ready for you to choose between plain, caramel, chocolate and blueberry and these come in a sliced log form (600 grams) or in a round foil tin (approx. one kilo).

Grandma Moses will have blintzes for this coming chag (Chalav Yisrael) and also offer a vegetarian lasagne (Chalav Yisrael). If dairy isn’t on your Shavuot menu for a medical reason or otherwise, then Grandma Moses has all your pareve needs covered as well, including pareve cheese pockets and a pareve cheese cake of the highest quality.

With a three-day Yom Tov almost here, there is every chance you may be time-poor this week. If you don’t get to make that home-made soup, here’s a quick and easy alternative: why not try the two varieties of ready-made all natural soup by Pacific Natural Foods (see image below). Offering organic roasted red pepper and tomato and organic creamy tomato (both with a Kof-K Dairy hechsher kof-kv2[1].gif) – simply heat and serve. Find these organic soups at Harris Farm or health food shops.



Have you heard of Late July Organic Snacks? This impressive certified organic range (with a Kof-K hechsher) is available at Grandma Moses and many health food shops around town (see image below). Featuring multigrain snack chips with flavours as unique as ‘Dude Ranch’ (tangy sour cream, herbs and spices) to sweet potato chips there really is something for everyone in the family. Many Late July chips carry a Kof-K pareve hechsher, and are therefore accessible to the Chalav Yisrael kosher consumer. Other varieties include: dark chocolate sandwich cookies (OU-D); mini cheddar cheese bite-size cookies (OU-D); classic saltines (OU-D), and many more. With a real commitment to healthy production processes and pure ingredients, this is a must-try range this chag.

Grandma Moses have peanut butter and dark chocolate m&ms (OU-D); and an impressive selection of Serendipity ice cream flavours such as Belgian White Chocolate; Death by Chocolate; Mint Chip Swirl; Vanilla Bean (ka logoth.jpgDairy logo). If you use Chalav Yisrael, try the three Tempo ice cream available at Krinsky’s (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla). We could just go on and on, thank you for your request to advise on dairy products this week, we’ve loved every moment. So here’s the thing:  we are rejoicing because we received the Torah – what a gift! Why not celebrate with a kosher Tim Tam or ten!