Times for Pesach - 5775/2015

To be safe, prohibited activity should cease 10 minutes before the stated time.


Fast of the First Born: Friday 3 April

Search for chametz: Thursday night, 2 April after nightfall

Latest time for eating chametz: Before 11.02am Friday 3April

Latest time for removal, selling and burning of chametz: Friday before 12.00pm, The ‘Kol Chamira’ should have been recited by this time.

Eruv Tavshillin: Thursday 9 April 2015

Candle Lighting:
1st night Shabbat and Yom Tov at 6.30pm
2nd night Yom Tov after 7.25pm
7th night Yom Tov at 5.23pm
8th night Shabbat and Yom Tov at 5.22pm

The Seder: Should not begin before 7.15pm on Friday 3April. The second seder night is Saturday 4 April after 7.25pm

Pesach Ends: Saturday 11 April at 6.17pm.


Latest times for eating chametz Monday morning 14 April 2014

Times For Eating Chametz Removal, Selling
& Burning
Jerusalem 10.36am 11.39am
Sydney 11.02am 12.00pm
Melbourne 11.28am 12.26pm
Adelaide 11.23am 12.21pm
Brisbane 9.53am 10.52am
Perth 10.23am 11.21am
Canberra 11.11am 12.09pm
Hobart 11.19am 12.16pm
New Zealand    
Auckland 11.28am 12.26pm